How To: Plug Your Fuel Gas Line Hose

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How To: Plug Your Fuel Gas Line Hose
by FrosT

After removing my rear tank from my Ford F-150 Pickup Truck and patching up the wholes with some J.B. Weld I had to let my rear gas tank sit for 24 hours. Driving home we had a little accident, my fuel was spilling all over. DOH! Well I will tell you how to plug your Fuel Gas Line Hose to prevent you from losing 10 gallons of gasoline fluid like I did.

Get a Stick and Plug Her
Amazingly enough the answer is simple rip off a branch from the nearest tree and than whittle the branch like you would to make a spear head. You want about 2-4 inches of stick. This way you can drive the stick deep into the fuel gas line hose and prevent any gasoline leakage. The stick can stay in there for as long as you want without the worry of corrosion or the making of napalm from certain plastics. The best part of plugging your fuel gas line hose with a stick is there is no messy cleanup once you remove the stick. Simply throw the stick away. If you are ever in a situation like I was in and you need to plug a gasoline leak fast, grab a stick and start whittling. Once the tip of your stick is small enough to fit into the fuel gas line hose than you are good, the best way to create the gasoline line plug is to whittle the stick like a cone shape. This way the stick can go deep into the line and get thicker which prevents the leaking of gasoline.

Ending Notes
This is a short entry and I only created it because I searched last night at 1:00 AM to find a solution on how to plug up my fuel gas line hose coming from my front tank to where my rear tank used to be. I ended up cutting a piece of rubber bungee cord that would hold and leak a little bit as appose to a lot of gas until I was able to find a better solution. The stick works a ton better than the bungee because the stick you can whittle to be round and slim and really drive the stick into the Fuel gas line hose. If you have any other tips for plugging a fuel gas line hose please let us know via a comment. Thanks!

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Posted by xbang_bang on May 17th, 2006

10 gallons of feul, that's alot of money.

Posted by frost on May 17th, 2006

$30 worth = really sucked!


Posted by stabwest on May 20th, 2006

frost, is there anyway you can change my account name from 'stabwest' to 'filter' ? i would appreciate it man... thanks again.


Posted by stabwest on May 20th, 2006

just let me know when ya do... peace

Posted by david on June 13th, 2006

Great information! If it comes down to it someday perhaps you can help me. happy.gif

Posted by anonymous on July 30th, 2010

pencil. it's already pointed.




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