Humans: Natural or Un-Natural

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Humans: Natural or Un-Natural
by FrosT


There has been a question lingering in this brain of mine since I can remember. Are we, as humans, considered to be natural? Well in this entry I will be describing views I have came up with on why we should be considered a natural element of nature. Feel free to comment, as always I love to read them. Thank you.

Natural Part of Nature

What really is the "Natural Part of Nature?" Could the natural part of nature be anything not dealing with humans? That statement seems incorrect because if humans are not a natural part of nature than why and how are we here. The fact of the matter with humans being a part of nature is that humans are part of nature. It may seem "Un-Natural" but the reality of everything humans have created is that it came from the earth, humans have figured out ways to manipulate that to create the buildings, cars, computers, and any other object you see on earth that is "man-made." Humans are nature, natural, and have the instincts that all animals have.

Think about this, an animals goal in life is to breed and eat. Straight to the point. As humans we are more advanced than "animals" are but humans still have the instictiveness to breed and eat also. Come on now there are over 6 billion people in the world, that should be proof enough. Looking at the animal cycle it can be seen that as more predators increase the food decreases. Take Coyotes for an example. When the rabbit population is thriving, the coyote population becomes thriving, why? Because there is plenty of food to go around. Once the rabbit population dies down from diseases and being fed upon by coyotes, would you not know that the coyote population will slowly start to decrease from straving coyotes and diseases. This is a perfect example of "nature" at it's best. No matter how hard coyotes try to increase their population it controls itself.

Natural Disasters: Tragedy's or Necessary

Let's face it Natural Disasters are seemingly increasing each year. Whether it be a fire, hurricane, tornado, flood, eathrquake or tsunami there have been more devestating natural disasters than have been seen in a very long time. Who can help but wonder, "Is this mother natures way of telling us we are over populated?" Are these natural disasters necessary? Natural disasters seem to be mother natures way of telling us "The more populated humans become the harder I have to try." Humans are doing very well right now and are thriving. Reason being humans have the knowledge to pro-long their own life. With advances in medical science and just science humans figured out how to cure diseases, which the animal world has yet to discover. Which seems to be as hard as humans may try our population can still be ruled by mother nature.

Ending Statement

Well as much as global warming is talked about and feared I feel global warming is really just a load of BS that is instilled into our brains. Sure global warming is happening but how long will it take before it actually destroys the world and all man kind. Or more of the question, how can humans defeat this "natual disaster" from happening? This whole entry was made from a talk with a "tree-hugger" I had. To me I am as much of nature as any animal there is. Which is why I hunt. It is natural to do so, since the begining of time man has been hunting. To me hunting is more natural than being a vegan and afraid to eat meat because a poor deer was killed.

As you can tell I am a heavy set hunter and naturalist. I love nature and want to preserve it any way I can. Hunting to me is a natural part of nature and if I were to let that slip by me I would be going against what I was trying to do, preserving nature. Humans are nature and everything around is nature and natural. There has been a mind set instilled into our brains that because we built buidlings and cars we have become un-natural. But does a bird build a nest? Does a coyote make a den? Do humans make houses? We are a part of nature, there is nothing un-natural about a human. Humans are natural.


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Posted by monkey on October 22nd, 2005

holy crap, I need to read this when I'm awake, because I think I agree with you, and I'm not too great at agreeing. but, hey, rock on.

Posted by alone on October 23rd, 2005

I am a tree hugger lol.
I agree humans are nature but yea as sky-line i am not for hunting..

Posted by tales on October 23rd, 2005

Hmm, there's different reasons for veganism. Some people find that their bodies just function better, since their body is almost always detoxed.

Global warming can go shove it. Our beautiful toxic gases, as pointed out by a certain episode of The Simpsons, will help make asteroids entering the atmosphere smaller.

And besides, we're going to freeze if we try to stop global warming. We should go on like we have for centuries, and plainly not give a fuck grin.gif

Posted by frost on October 23rd, 2005

Meat is consider a toxin? Weird. Either way I love the taste of meat and my body works just fine with it =) Especially the bloody rare red meat....mmmm but the magical animal that gives us bacon and ham, as pointed out by Homer, is also very good, but not good rare =) Thanks for the comments.


Posted by anonymous on May 23rd, 2007

I was with you until you started disagreeing with global warming. Humans are natural, but when we take elements and concentrate them in areas that tip balances, is that really natural? Sure, we were allowed to, but the end result is something undesirable from nature. I'm sure nature wants to be dynamic, but I wouldn't put it past nature to add failsafes. Our 6 billion bodies are still much frailer than the earth.
Human = natural
Human structure = natural
Human interactions with nature = questionable
Why? Because it's evident we don't always maximize. We kill more than we eat, we grow and create for beauty. These actions aren't based on necessity. Humans are shifting elements and ecosystems out of cultural needs. It's chaos ontop of the natural chaos.
But in the end, who's to say that chaos isn't something nature wants squared.

Posted by anonymous on October 27th, 2007

yea i think that we are natural but i am not for hunting

Posted by anonymous on March 30th, 2008

If we did not hunt deer they would over populate and become inbred , deceased and become extinct.

They no longer have the pressure from predators animals.

Hunters live to be in nature. Hunters more than any one else understand the need for animal control. Hunters spends days a year in the woods with nature. Anti hunters do not. Feelings...animals hunt. Lions Tigers and Bears. Feelings block logic in regard to hunting. Deer are responsible for more human deaths than any other animal on the planet. People swerve to miss squirrels and hit trees head on and die...that makes sense huh.

I found this link trying to determine if we are natural. I believe we are. That means that EVERY thing we do is natural. You can not have it both ways.

Posted by anonymous on June 11th, 2008

If humans are natural how come our population has grown so big?

Posted by anonymous on July 13th, 2008

Thanks anonymous 5 23 07, your statement makes a lot of sense. It's hard to come to conclusion on what role we are playing in the whole scheme of things. Unfortunately we have only one perspective. (our own) and no play book to check our strategy. In the end there may be no right or wrong just the endless playing out of events that shape the universe.
With the perceived threat of global warming maybe we could abandon all human actions and advancements that require energy. Which is just about everything we do. Take to the sideline for a couple of hundred years while we figure things out. In the interim maybe we will get wiped out by a GRB, a massive comet. Or something like that, something that our insatiable hunger to absorb energy, expand and evolve technologically might provide a solution before it happens.
Is it possible that instinctively we have an inbred sense of the endless repetition of extinction level events that have plagued this planet? wiping out most life forms and ecosystems again and again?. Maybe for the first time in the 4+ billion year long life span of planet earth finally a creature has evolved that can actually do something about the next ELE. I really doubt if we will kill ourselves off with global warming. Maybe things will get a little uncomfortable for a while maybe they will get better. One thing I know for sure, we won't be burning fossil fuel forever. I give it another 50 -100 years and it will be just an unpleasant memory.
As far as "tipping balances" are concerned I think the dynamic universe is nothing but tipping balances. That's what provides the momentum.

Posted by anonymous on November 11th, 2008

The human species is natural, but the definition of nature is the natural world as it exists without humanbeings or cizilizations. According to this definition, the infrastructures we've created, the transportation methods, and our society cannot be natural. How do we determine the line in which we started to do things unnaturally? Was it the first time the homo erectus created fire? Was it when we first started to make tools? Bury our dead? Make weapons? The list is endless. But my one question that caused me to look up this blog is, Is our intelligence the reason our species has become unnatural? I beleive so, but i wanted to read oppositions to my agreement to further my understanding of the question. Does it make sense that our need to eat and breed are natural, but our concept of celebration, dancing, art, beauty, and so on are unnatural?

Posted by anonymous on November 23rd, 2008

You bring up huge issues here such as ...the theory of evolution and Big Bang! It is obvious that you believe we all came from hydrogen randomly combining with other elements and through RANDOM mutation formed amino acids which then formed proteins and taa-daa we have human beings billions of years later. There are deep philosophical issues here too such as our conscious, things like honor, love... You, and others, say we are natural, but the root of that word is extensive and there really is no true definition.
I challenge you to check out some of the numbers behind the chances of us evolving, and more important the chances of this earth coming into existence!

Posted by anonymous on May 14th, 2009

The things we consider as "culture" are ficticious. Morals and ethics do not occur beyond the human mind. We adhere to all sorts of emotive social rules which are merely a consequence of evolutionary path and need to live in close knit communities as a survival mechanism. There are many animals that concentrate chemicals as part of their existance and it is considered "natural" but if humans do it it is unnatural. This is more a consequence of religious ideaology then objective science and logical thought. The belief that we are "not natural" and therefore somehow superior combined with our belief system has placed us where we are. The planet is not in jeopardy only the minute fraction of time that we currently exist in. If people weren't causing an imbalance another species would be. Conservationists and environmentalists cause problems because they use emotional logic rather then intellect ie why are Pandas protected ? because they appeal to our evolutionary need to protect our young by their physical appearance. They are no more or less special than any other species except in the minds of the conservation movement. This is a great blog. Congratulations to the author.

Posted by anonymous on May 31st, 2009

I believe personally that mother nature is a lot smarter than we give her credit for. We are abviously meant to do what we do and live how we live etc (build cars, houses, wear make-up, clothes) This is natural or else it wouldn't be. But like everything in life; (or at least the way the law of the universe seems to be) there are consequences to every action. Mother nature gave us large brains and the ability to think about thinking! we are able to rationalise and make decisions. Therefore we have been given the ability to manipulate nature and use it to our advantage but mother nature some how also guides us along the way (if we choose to listen). She hints delicately when we are going off course and more vigerously when we continue to ignore her warnings (global warming, extinction of certain species, even health warnings when we choose to abuse our bodies etc). I personally think that we should work "with" nature and obay the basic laws of nature whilst at the same time developing, exploring and experimenting like our natural instincts encourage us to do. It is all about balance after all. Mother nature has taught us that. If we choose to listen!

Posted by anonymous on June 07th, 2009

Everything you said... great! Except you should take into consideration alternative reasons for 'Global Warming'. Maybe, that global warming and cooling are a cycle and it is mother nature's own way of cleansing herself? Oh wait, I jumped the gun... I think I thought you were taking the hippie stance on 'Global Warming', this might have been exactly what you were saying...? You ending statement could have been stronger, or I could have read deeper. Which is it, blogger?

Posted by anonymous on August 13th, 2009

I'm glad i found this blog because for years i have been wondering if there was anyone else out there that had the same beleif in the fact that we are natural. As to the situation with "Global Warming" i would like to thank the anonymous person that posted their comment on the 7th of June, 2009 for pointing out that every now and then the world will randomly change temperature.

Has anyone here ever heard of the age where ice covered a large amount of the earths continents. I would like to think that most people would be sensable enough to question the accuracy of "Global Warming" because of the beleif many people hold that the world has cooled and heated repeatedly ever since it's begining.

With the "God" Vs. "Big Bang" aspect of these comments i would like people reading this to think about if there is a god; is he to be respected and worshiped whilst the world suffers through hardships beyond count... for example, where was "our saviour" when the black plague wiped out massive chunks of the european civilisation in the 14th century?

Posted by anonymous on August 29th, 2009

I think that the concept of natural vs. artificial comes from the human desire to be superior than other life, masters of all we see. This desire is just an instinct.

I had an interesting interaction with my dad this morning. I threw a banana peal out into the woods so it will decompose and become nutritious soil. My dad got mad at me, he wanted me to throw it into the garbage can. I told him that I like to contribute as much as I can to the earth, mixing the peal with the garbage will just turn it into poison. But his viewpoint is that of contributing to human society, not earth as a whole. Just out of spite I asked if he would like me to pick up all the apples that had fallen from a tree and put them in the garbage. His response was that the apples falling from the tree is natural, but that the banana peal falling from my hand was not natural. So I asked him, "You believe you are not natural?" He didn't have an answer. All he said was don't do it again. But I was disgusted by how he thinks its so great to help humanity take so much from the earth, but he just couldn't stand to give back a banana peal.

My dad is the type who believes technology is the solution to all problems. Essentially he believes in star trek. I am the type who believes modern technology is the cause of so many problems.

I believe that humans are just a part of nature as anything else. No matter how abstract our lives are, we came from the earth. And if we disregard this, we will destroy the earth and in turn destroy ourselves.

Posted by anonymous on November 25th, 2009

We are not separate from nature. I am starting to believe we are a sickness to our host. I am sure our diseases don't know what they are doing by just surviving. We have no trouble surviving as humans. As population grows, the cycles of warming and cooling may be a process of cleansing. It seems to me that we know we are natural in every way, never apart from the ground we stand on. Do we know what we are? Other than just merely living? We survive like everything wishes to do.

Posted by anonymous on January 15th, 2010

Every nature channel on tv has said it...I will only quote the obvious now: If nature is perfect by definition, and we as human beings are imperfect(which we prove on a daily basis...just watch the news), then wouldn't it be obvious to assume that we are unnatural and shouldnt be here?

Posted by anonymous on February 18th, 2010

Posted by anonymous on February 19th, 2010

When my Environmental Science class began talking about the definition of nature, I was stumped on what I thought it was. I had never really put any thought into what was really considered natural and what wasn't. Now that I have thought about it more and came up with my reasoning to what nature really is, I still fail to fully believe my thoughts on whether or not humans are natural.
I never thought of that to be such a difficult question to answer; 'Are humans natural?" Of course humans are natural. We can be made on this planet with no interference of man-made machinery. We are just another species determined to survive. If we can be brought to the planet with no interference from "man", then we should be considered natural. Many of the things humans do today are not considered natural or made up of naturally occurring materials. I believe it is natural for a human to build a home, as well as it is for a bear to build a den or a beaver to build a dam. But what a human may rely on to build their home may not be natural. I think that if a human cannot completely live off of the natural occurring resources that the Earth has supplied for us then they are not fully, 100% natural.
So many different arguments make it difficult to comprehend and come up with one simple yes or no answer to whether the human species is natural. After all the reading and thinking I have done, I have a pretty strong will to believe that humans can be natural, and 100%, if they choose to do so. Yes, all humans have natural instincts to survive but they do it in unnatural ways. Someone said that unnatural and natural things cannot live together in the world. I fail to believe that because that is exactly how our world is today; full of natural and unnatural items. Many people just seem to overlook that. The more and more I think about the definition of nature, the more I ponder on what a really think it is.

Posted by anonymous on February 19th, 2010

Posted by anonymous on February 19th, 2010

Posted by anonymous on February 19th, 2010

I believe that humans are not natural because we interact with the environment with negativity. If humans were natural we would be just like the animals on this planet, we wouldn't be polluting the air to make things we don't need. Animals produce bad chemicals that may harm the earth but they make them naturally were humans add things to produce dangerous and deadly chemical mixtures. Natural things use and get only what they need to survive, some humans do not understand the concept of natural because we have brought it upon ourselves to kill and get rid of natural things. We don't need huge buildings and fast food restaurants, what happened to farming and doing things like all the natural ways. Animals do what they need to survive and feed their young so they can keep the population going. Some humans eat because their bored or because they feel like it. We have so many items on earth that we don't need, so why would we be natural if we interfere with the real nature of this earth in pollution and making things that take away from our earth instead of helping it. What natural is, is an item on this earth that has not been touched or has been the same as they have always been. Anything that is natural has occurred naturally and has not been made by a human. Mother-nature takes care of us and yet humans destroy and make unneeded things to survive, if it was up to us to just survive and not live lavish lives, that would be natural. The things we take away from nature and make it into something that is not natural, such as zoos with keeping wild animals in cages to show to people. The natural order in life would have these animals be wild and free to roam around where they were born and raised. People wonder why so many wild animals attack, all they have to do is sit back and think how many people are killing the animals and making them not trust human. Humans don't understand that many people like poachers are giving us the unnatural feeling to animals. We ourselves are animals and yet we are not natural or trusted by nature because we live a lifestyle of unnaturalness. Everyone thinks they need a television, computer, a car, and things that naturally were not made. Before clothes and shoes and malls were here we were able to still make it. We become more unnatural as the years go by. If we were natural we would go back to the stone ages when there were natural things to us.

Posted by anonymous on March 08th, 2010

I love all these answers... but I think we are thinking too much. I love getting into things and thinking a lot, but I think that the answer is pretty simple. Humans were created by nature, our intelligence was created by nature. What we do is because of our intelligence given from nature, so our actions must be natural. Everything in this world is natural, there is no unnatural. It is the same concept as being normal.
Our creations are the same as beaver dens, a birds nest, or an ant hill. All creations by living things are natural because it came from our natural brains.

Posted by anonymous on May 03rd, 2010

If i survive in this Detriot /windsor area i shall be your friend .... i love the earth if i can ride my bike to you i would

Posted by anonymous on June 23rd, 2010

Yeah, no shit humans are natural creatures. That's not the point thought. The definition of the word nature means everything except us. Or as the post on 11/11/08 rightly noted: the definition of nature is the natural world as it exists without human beings or civilizations. So don't go calling this oil spill in the Gulf a "natural" occurance because us "natural" creatures did it. Ditto air polution or other man-made insults to the environment.

Posted by anonymous on January 22nd, 2011

Thanks for starting the discussion.
Hitler was natural, he just went crazy and fanatic and killed many, many people. Animals can go crazy too, and kill many, many people and other animals, more than they can eat.
Bush was natural, he was the president and been killing alot and a lot of people in Iraq.
With all these brilliant mass murderers and insane chemists out there, we need to balance out with more brilliant tree huggers and vegans. Or, this planet will soon just be a memory to the rest of the Univurse.

Posted by anonymous on July 07th, 2012

hello timmey.




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