Isagenix is a Complete Waste of Time and Money

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Isagenix is a Complete Waste of Time and Money
by FrosT

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    My Isagenix Experience
    As you can read from the blogs listed above I did go through the whole Isagenix process. To be honest I would have been better off drinking water on my own with a healthy shake each day. Or even going to a Head shop and buying their detoxification kits. Isagenix may work for some people; it did not work for me at all. For the price of $160 for just 1 9-day cleanse (They recommend you do 2-3 a year) I could of easily bought 2 weeks worth of health groceries. Heck on that note for the price it would cost me to do Isagenix for the whole year I could buy myself an annual Gym membership, and feed myself for the whole year and have money still left over. Let's move onto a more in-depth look at my expierence with Isagenix.

    Isagenix Caused My Sickness?
    The Pre-Cleanse days were horrible. They were just like the shake days, and all it really did was make the cleanse 11 days, which is an insanely long time to go with little food. As I stated on my last day I was completely drained of all energy and ended up getting very sick. The sickness lasted for 2 full weeks. Not as severe as I explained in the blog, but it was still there 2 weeks later. I do feel that the sickness came from the Isagenix Cleanse. Some people might say that it was the toxins coming out and it just did not come out all the way. I think that because I let my body be mal-nourished, which Isagenix claims it keep you fully nourished, and at that low point the cold kicked into high gear and hit me very hard.

    If anyone knows me, they know that I only get sick once a year for about 2 days with a cold. I do not get sick in April, it is always October. The symptoms I experienced are left on the previous post. I do know I was coughing for 2 weeks straight with a sore throat after the Cleanse.

    My Final Thoughts on Isagenix
    Well after everything I did not lose any significant weight, maybe 5 lb's but what else would you expect from not eating for a week? That and my weight usually varies 5-10 lbs any given week. No I was not perfect in following the Cleanse exactly, but I followed it pretty damn close to receive no results like I did. I will not forgo another cleanse, my wife is thinking about it but very hesitant after my results.

    Isagenix conned me out of $400 easily with their whole elaborate pyramid scheme. I am just sad I believed in Isagenix so blindly. I now realize that the only way to truly lose weight is to eat better and exercise. There is no quick fix solution like everyone wants. I know I want a quick fix bad, which it could be seen or else I would not have spent $400 on this product that did not work for me.

    One good thing did come out of Isagenix, I realized that I am in control of my body and that all I have to do is put my mind to anything and I can do it. I hope to use that as a huge motivator to get healthy and fit for the Summer of 2007 with real exercise and smart eating habits. I am going to be trying out a site called I do not link to them only because I just started on it. Give me a month to post information and how the Sparks Diet is coming along.

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    Posted by anonymous on December 29th, 2006

    your right isagenix sucks and is a complete waste of money. If you like to starve yourself it is the way to go!!

    Posted by rahsk on December 30th, 2006

    Great read frost, great read. $400 for 5lbs? ouch. Just a thought on weight loss, I myself have done many experiments on it (changing weights quite a lot), and most of the problem isn't what you eat, its the lack of excersise. You can eat all the McDonalds you like as long as you jog it off =].

    Posted by siobhan on January 03rd, 2007

    Owch...still I've never lost five pounds in my life...but still owch.

    Posted by anonymous on January 04th, 2007

    Good luck on Sparkpeople! I have been a member for a few months and it really is a helpful site. I have lost almost 20lbs without starving myself or spending tons of money on isagenix.

    Posted by anonymous on January 28th, 2007

    I must lose the wight now. I so love to eat. I will be eating 1 serving of what ever I chose and keep the total calories between 1300-1500 and total fat below 20g/day. I bet this works. A lean cusine tv diner with cups of green beans is very tasty. I allways over portion so learning proper portioning is my plan.

    Posted by anonymous on February 06th, 2007

    I just finished a 9 day clease from Isagenix. I lost a total of 12 lbs. So i've decided to start a second 9 day. I've cheated more than once and i know i've eaten over my calorie limit for the lunches. I've tried everything to get this weight off. I guess I am one of the lucky people to have tried it. I will give you one thing though, that cleanse drink it the most horrible thing i've ever drank.

    Posted by frost on February 06th, 2007

    Yea, my issue is that with Isagenix, you HAVE to use their products. That is bull. Especially when it tastes like crap.


    Posted by anonymous on February 07th, 2007

    I took the 9 day cleanse and lost 8lbs of hard to lose belly fat and an inch off my waist at 55 yrs old. I liked the shakes, I thought they were pretty good.Since I was already spending $200 a month on supplements I switched to their $145 a month total wellness plan which includes a vitamin program. I have lost additional weight, feel great,find myself eating better and it feels like i have more energy and I'm saving over $50 bucks a month from where i was. I like the stuff. Sorry to disagree with your assessment.

    Posted by frost on February 07th, 2007

    No problem, everyone has different experiences. Mine was just bad. Hope it stays well for you.


    Posted by anonymous on February 25th, 2007


    I actually remember reading your blog a while back, either before I started or when I first started. I appreciate your candor. Because of the MLM aspect, I think sometimes people were sound a little too high for me. I was skeptical, but somehow always believed it would work, in part becuase I wanted to, but because I trusted the person I learned about it from. She is a healthcare practioner and knows of my funny symtoms and the like. It is fun to share progress with her. Things I used to whine about are gone. Things I did not notice as problems are better. Skin, especially.

    Now, for me, as a woman, it was always hard to carry it in my face. I would look at my face and be sad, for YEARS! So, I tell ya just losing it off the face, which happened very quickly (days) was amazing. I became vain and kept on looking at my face. Is there is limit. Maybe I should do a part !!

    Posted by anonymous on February 25th, 2007

    Hi again

    It is me. I guess it is easy to go and on when something changes your life for the better. Okay back to my vanity.

    My face. That is where I noticed it or where it meant the most to me. Then after a few weeks, (I did the 30-day) I was touching my face. Yes, the vanity thing, but it was so soft. No products or creams can do that.

    I really appreciated what you wrote, because I do not believe there is any magical product for everyone. Everyone is different. It just kinda became a fun game for me and truly helped with my disposition. I started to enjoy trying on clothes from YEARs back and then a week or two later, I tried on even smaller clothes. It was not about the weight loss for me, but it happened. My original motivation was health. I was tired of feeling sick and tired.

    Because I understood detox, I knew to eat light even before trying this, which is why I think they have you do a 2-day pre-clease. Detox is nasty, especially when your body is full of crap. I tried on years ago, thinking oh have ice cream and pizza, etc etc I felt like crap, sick actually. That is the crap moving through your body. I did not want to go there this time. So, there was no coffee in my system (probably the source of most people's headache when detoxing) no fried stuff, sweets, etc. So for me, my experience was relatively easy. I do not like feeling sick. I did not want to go there. Sorry, one more post coming

    Posted by anonymous on February 25th, 2007


    Yes again. More me. Last one. I promise.

    Now, cause I did the 30-day, I hit shake boredom and almost went off. I later learned to play with the shake for taste. You can add stuff to the vanilla. I also learned not to work if I just did not want another shake that day and wanted food. It just ain't that serious to make yourself miserable.

    But again, I enjoyed reading your because if I hadn't I really would have questioned it. You cannot go through something like this and really truly come out and say it is all sunshine and roese. That is b.s. But, compared to others things, it is easier for many. Also easy for me in the midst of trying on smaller clothes and looking at my face, to minimize things that may be have been great.

    On the whole it has been relatively easy. Largely positive effects. I think it is worth the cost, cause nothing worked before and since I am not eating out as much, it works out. That was how I put the weight on, which in retrospect was probably pretty pricey.

    I like that I naturaly gravitate toward the healthiest option on a menu and that is cause there is a side effect to this. You eat crappy foods, you feel like crap and quickly. Go figure.

    But, 2 months have passed, I lost a total of 9 lbs and 18 inches on that 30-day (actually 6 weeks. I did not take my final measurements till then. Forgot to)

    I want to stick with this a few more months. I feel that will be the real test.

    I think there is no one size fits all program. Truly, if we all exercised daily and live off lean organic meats and produce and never fried foods and ate whole grains, nut and berries, none of us would be having this discussion. I admire people who do that. That is just not me. I needed a bit of help and was willing to pay for it.

    Okay, I need to stop now. Take care and share what works for you, as you go through your process.

    Posted by anonymous on February 26th, 2007

    Isagenix did work for me - over 35 pounds in 90 days and I like the shakes etc.... I'm now the smallest and healthies (confirmed by doctors) I've ever been as an adult (age 41). I still have 15-20 to lose but it's been good. I live a pretty busy lifestyle so the shakes actaully work very well for aquick nutrituious meal. As someone else mentioned you can add in stuff to the vanailla or chocolate to add variety (ie. fresh fruit, a little nut butter etc..)

    Posted by anonymous on March 28th, 2007

    Sorry it didn't work out for you. I'm trying the Isagenix 9 day cleanse/diet thing also and blogging about it every day.

    Posted by gobux07 on September 24th, 2007

    Frost - Did you ever try the program agaun? How did it go?

    I started the 30 day program today. I feel fine - the cleanse days make me nervous though.

    I mixed the Ionix Supreme in my shake - much easier way to take it.


    Posted by siehya on January 14th, 2008

    I have to say, I am on my 14th day w/ the 30 day program. A complete disappointment. I don't feel any healthier, and have lost a wopping 5 lbs. Big deal, I can lose more then that on other cleanses, and feel better! I also, would not recomment this product to anyone at this time. We'll see when the 30 days is over for a final blog. I don't have a lot of money, and after dumping about $400 in this program, coming through even more depressed then when I went in.

    Posted by spansl on June 04th, 2008

    I've been using Isagenix for a few months. It takes any body a minimum of 3 months to really experience the changes that have been happening on the cellular level. After only 2-4 weeks, it would be unreasonable to make a judgement of any kind. It depends upon how nutrient depleted you are, how sedentary, and how sleep deprived you are. All of these things affect the efficiency of any program. A sleep deficeit for example can keep you from losing weight due to leptin and ghrelin levels being out of whack. There are so many variables involved. I like this program because it is comprehensive and inclusive of essential minerals for nutrient absorption, amino acids for cellular healing, and high potency vitamins/antioxidants. The quality is very high and not readily reproduced by anyone other than John Anderson. So this is why it is necessary to use Isagenix products to get the results this program promises. imho

    Posted by frost on August 21st, 2008


    Maybe the point I am making here is that they PROMISE changes within the first 9-days. Unfortunately I saw none thus this was written. Maybe if I wanted to spend $600 for 2-3 months of supplies I would see a difference. IMHO, not worth the money as compared to I can easily buy stuff to make healthy meals at the store for a fraction of that price with a health club membership.

    Posted by wallywalt on February 01st, 2009

    I wrote this Last Year... in a response to another Whiney Isagenix post:

    "I was over 300 pounds for the past 6 years (5'7"wink.gif... Nothing I tried (although not very hard) Motivated me to stick with anything.

    My wife stumbled upon the isagenix last year... In JUNE of '07- I bought 2 of the packages... a 30 day for me and a 9 day for my wife.

    For 7 Months.. the box just kept being moved around...

    On Feb 4th... I was about ready to pull into McDonalds for my normal breakfast... to be washed-down with my 14-Cup Pot O' Coffee I consumed each day... But- for a reason, still, not known- I decided to start the isagenix... which was, now located in the back room of my store.

    I do the Vanilla Shake (with a scoop of IsaFruits) in the morning... usually a Large Lean Cuisine or a 12" Turkey Subway in the afternoon and the Chocolate shake in the evening. I do put a Splash of IsaSupreme in each sake and take the Flush and Accelerator capsules that are recommended. I have Not had a cup of coffee, a diet pop, or anything to drink but water since then. My fear was I would Miss my pot of Organic Free-Trade Coffee. I do Not.

    I no longer feel like the Sloth I was... I don't feel I need a Nap every afternoon (I'm 53) and I, actually, feel like I Want-to start Exercising. I WANT To! I sleep TONS Better!

    In the 6 weeks since Feb 4th... I have gone from 306 to 257 pounds. I Do, occasionally, bypass the 2nd shake to have a Healthy meal with my wife...or go to Dinner with the family. NoBODY made me start this. I do NOT give a Hoot about the Stupid MLM Plan Isagenix Offers. My waist has gone from a 44 to a 40... I stopped counting how many Belt Holes I have switched (or cut into my old belt)

    I Did do the IsaFlush for 4 Wednesdays after starting the "diet"... It didn't kill me to not eat. I Absolutely, Definitely noticed the "Lazy Crap" leaving my lard-ass.

    Remember- this was without exercise of Any Kind... although I Do move around a Lot More without griping- and have revived a faster pace whilst walking around. I'm Sure exercising (which I do not shudder at the thought of now) will only help.

    I look at food labels preparation for returning to the normal world... and 12" subs are only $5 for the next month!

    The weight loss has slowed a bit... I'm Sure I have reached some plateau that requires a little more interaction from ME.

    Isagenis Works for the horribly lazy unmotivated slobs such as myself. I feel more alive (without coffee even) than I have in Years. I have NOTHING To gain by taking the time to post here- but I cannot read spewage badmouthing something that Works."

    Feb1, 2009:
    I started eating "normally" after Memorial Day 2008.
    I was Very good at avoiding Fried Foods, Cheese, Mayo... etc- realizing I could do fine without them.
    Come the HOLIDAY Season... all Bets were Off and I resumed by Bad Habits. I weighed myself for the first time in many months today... 234 pounds. I ordered-up another month of Isagenix and IsaFruits today. I will start-up again next week. I LOOK FORWARD to the Cleanse. Really! The weight loss will just be a Plus. I vow to hit the Treadmill 3x a week, too.
    Actually- I'm surprised I have only gained 25 pounds.

    Isagenix Still Sucks- because I despise MLM Programs... and the Phony White-toothed Trash that make the Big Bucks spewing Rubber-Stamp rhetoric....

    Posted by jsbach on February 09th, 2009

    Feb 9th, 2009.

    Sorry to hear that you got sick dude. From what you describe, it sounds like a bad case of the stomach flu. Too bad it ruined your experience. Not that I care of you go on the product or not, you can choose whatever you choose.

    I, on the other hand, have had nothing but good experiences with this product. I have only lost 5lbs so far (am currently on day 9 of the 9 day cleanse), but I have lost 1-1/2" off my "spare tire" and am feeling GREAT! I have more energy than I have since I was a kid (I am 39) and don't need to nap durring the day anymore.

    Here is the best bit. I am a sugar addict. I have lived on sugar candy and soda pop since I was a child. I noticed the other day that I HAD NO SUGAR CRAVINGS! NONE! AND I had a cupcake the other night and I DIDN"T REALLY LIKE IT! Usually, I would go back for another one, but NO WAY! This alone is HUGE success for me.

    I, like the origonal poster, did not go into this with any percievable expectations. Sure, if I lost wieght and inches, that would be great, but I had no illusions that I would. I went into this program with the attitude that I was willing to "throw away" the investment, with no strings attached.

    Not only that, with the shakes as meal suppliments, I find that I eat less at meal times and I don't have to buy as many groceries, AND I find I do not have to take the supliments that I was taking before (about $60 - 80 a month). So all in all I am actually not spending a dime more than I already did off the program!

    So, I recieved, already, so much more than I even HOPED for. Who gives a rats patootie if it is network marketing, if the thing is working!


    Posted by gsdouglas on February 18th, 2009

    interesting post - and its unfortunate you had the sickness (whether or not it was caused by isagenix.) One thing that bothers me though - you fly off the handle about them ripping you off... did you contact them for a refund?

    i mean, its all good to rant and rave, but they offer a 30 day money back guarantee on everything but the shipping (about $10-$15 usually.) I know they refund for any reason - performance, taste, cost, whatever.

    If you contacted them within 30 days of your order, you should have received your money back. They also stress that you shouldn't be "hungry" on their program. If you're hungry, eat - simple as that. I don't understand how you got ripped off when you lost 5 pounds, weren't happy and didn't request a refund.

    "Rip off" usually refers to "take your money and run" companies - and I know for a fact this isn't one of them.

    Then you go on about pyramid schemes. there's a big difference between pyramid schemes and network marketing. type them into wikipedia or google or whatever -all it takes is about 1 minute to figure it out.

    Pyramid schemes involve people slapping down money, usually for nothing other than a registration fee (not for a product) and expect to at some point be paid a large sum of money. Isagenix doesn't pay anyone for "signups" and they pay commissions on any product sold to anyone who was referred to them. (And since its only sold thru word of mouth marketing, that means every single product that ships has a commission going to someone.)

    Its fair to say you had a bad experience, but to fly off like this and rant and rave because you were too lazy to ask for a refund - seriously man - take some responsibility for your life. If it was so ridiculously overpriced, why did you buy it in the first place??? If it was so bad, why not ask for a refund???

    I've been on their system for 2 months, have dropped 30 pounds, have more energy and because others have seen my results and started as well, i've received some commissions from isagenix for product that those people purchsaed. So far, the company has acted with nothing but integrity. Wondering if you can honestly say the same thing about yourself???

    Posted by gsdouglas on February 18th, 2009

    -Just noticed the price changed from your "day 1" blog entry that said, "I am not 100% sure if this will work like everyone says it will. If it does not I am only out $120."

    Suddenly when it didn't work for you - it was then $160. Interesting.

    Posted by kevin_mcg on March 18th, 2009

    i don't believe your being completely truthful

    Posted by aaronau on July 21st, 2009

    Thought I'd put in my own experience. I heard about Isagenix about 6 yrs ago from a friend and after weeks of putting my friend off about joining/trying it out I finally decided to try it out just to prove it wouldnt work. Did the 9-day cleanse and dropped about 9lbs and was feeling good...and surprised thought I'd see how far I could take it. Did "9-day cleanses" back to back for 6 weeks [not recommended by the company] and dropped 29.5 lbs and was feeling amazing the whole way through the process. Dont get me wrong it wasnt easy, the cleanse juice made me literally gag at just the smell of it, but I stuck it out...loving the choclate meal shakes helped a lot to get me through the cleanse days.

    Fast forward to today and I still drink the shakes and take the Ionix pretty much daily and have kept most of the weight off [I cleanse maybe once/twice a year when my indulgences of pizza, burgers etc catch up to me too much] and still have amazing energy and have not had even a cold since...which I find truly motivating to keep me on it. I still hate the taste of the cleanse juice even though they've improved it over the last few years from what it used to be [just came out with improved flavor again recently but havn't tried it yet].

    One last thing, as far as costs go, I've actually come out ahead since I had joined as a member and become part of the mlm "network" to get the products cheaper and easier. Because I had some friends that wanted to try it do the same and who still order, especially my mother that has had really good health results that got her off 4 perscriptions for different ailments that went away, I still receive commission cheques from having told some people way back then but even if I wasn't I dont think its that expensive if you actually sit down and work it out.

    It wasn't all roses in the sun, I had some friends that hated the taste too so gave up instead of sticking with it [like my wife] and some had meager results, [most later admitted to not following the plan properly] and even had 1 that asked for and received a refund on their purchase as someone above suggested. All-in-all Ive found the company to be professional, caring and reasonably priced that backs up everything they say.

    Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you, I'd be curious to know how putting the money into a health club and eating nutritious food has worked out for you. Unfortunately its difficult to change bad habits with just good intentions, personally I needed something to get me kick started on the right track and get me back on the path when I get too indulgent.

    All the best!

    Posted by casey on August 17th, 2009

    I've been using Isagenix for over 6 years. Practically since the beginning. I lost 20 pounds the first couple of months. That was a long time ago and it's hard to remember. I originally was so excited about this because I had family members that really needed a solution to their health problems. I had also just tipped the scale at the fitness center at 171 pounds. This made me angry as I was physically fit, ate right and exercised. I had also noticed the my clothes size was increasing. I had more clothes in my closet that I couldn't wear any more than what I could wear. I was lucky enough to be inspired by a couple of ladies that were great. I was staying at home at the time taking care of my two youngest children, one of which has autism and auditory processing disorder. I wasn't able to really have a conversation with her until she was about eight so she really needed a full-time mother. I also had at the time a 17-year-old daughter that had gone off the deep end emotionally and behaviorally with drugs, alcohol, men, lying, etc. We ended up having to send her to a wilderness program to protect her from herself. It was a very emotional time for me. Her big joke was that all she needed to do was not come home at night and the next day she would come home to some home made brownies. It was probably especially difficult as I had been through this with her older sister already, but not to as extreme an extent. I probably started Isagenix because I needed to lose some weight and wanted a way to earn an income staying at home, but the benefit to me was that these products helped me to be able to cope with the stress in my life. Helped me to be strong emotionally. These are all advantages of your liver being detoxified. It helped me to deal with my teenager and my younger children. I read John Gray's book within a few weeks of starting the program and also went to his seminar regarding Isagenix. I was very excited about the information on how the brain works and how your emotions are affected by not being healthy. I furthered my research at the library where I found a lot of resources. One book I read explained in more detail how the body works and what cleanses do, "The 7-day Miracle Cleanse". You can use the information in this book to accomplish a similar effect as Isagenix, although I think of it as taking a bath without soap. I was looking for ways to help my autistic child through nutrition and cleansing. Unfortunately, autistic children are very difficult and she does not like the texture of the shake. She does not even like a regular milk shake. I also realized more the benefits of fasting. It is not just a religious spiritual ritual. It is also a cleansing ritual even without the Isagenix Cleanse drink. By the way, I found the drink to be horrible tasting. However, after 7 years the taste doesn't really bother me at all. For those of you who cannot get past the taste, adding some juice like maybe cranberry juice can help, but always make sure you drink alot of water. I am probably rambling, and I need to leave to go pick up my grandson. My 17-year-old daughter is now married to a great guy with a 1 year old son, after putting me through hell for 6 years. Her older sister decided, I guess, it was her turn to put me through hell again over the last year, but I think is now through the worst of it. Anyway, the Isagenix shake is the most perfect thing to have for breakfast. Especially for someone with hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, like me and 3 of my daughters. It really is the only think I can have for breakfast. One of the reasons Isagenix works for weight loss is that it packs the most complete, easily digestible, nutrients into the least amount of calories, but there are many ways out there to lose weight. If all you want to do is lose weight, Isagenix is probably not for you. Isagenix is something you should plan on using the rest of your life. I have compared a lost of nutritional, cleansing programs, and price wise it is very comparable. I just recently googled Acai Berry, $86 for one month's supply, and you are still going to need to eat. Have I made any money on this? No! For every $300 I spend I may get $30 back if I am lucky, and I was lucky enough to accidentally get placed under a very active seller of Isagenix. Anyone who posts a comment any where regarding Isagenix will not make a dime from it, unless someone actually contacts them and purchases Isagenix through them. The only active members I have under me is my husband and my sister. Incidentally, my sister is 60 years old and every year since she started Isagenix her optometrist has had to change her prescription for her glasses, because her eyes are getting better. Also, for women especially the most important factor to consider in weight loss is not weight but inches and how your clothes fit. In addition, if you are exercising also, remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so if you are adding muscle as you are losing fat the weight difference will not be that great. Another factor to remember, because of the nutrients in the shake and the cleansing drink, your muscle is protected. Just reducing calories as a way of weight loss can also cause loss of muscle, which will lower metabolism. Another factor to consider, the most important organs in your body consist of muscle and losing muscle could damage them. I am 50 years old now but most people think I am in my 30's, even though I have let my hair go gray. I need to do a cleanse again because I have not been taking as good a care of myself lately as I should. Most of the time though I just have the cleansing drink for half a day. I haven't done a full day in a long time. I hope something I have contributed here helps someone out there in some way. Good luck to those of you fighting to become healthier. It's worth it.

    Posted by isa-scam on January 09th, 2010

    Those who defend Isagenix are of course people who want to get rich on other's behalf! First: go get a REAL job if you want to make money!
    Second, but most important: my husband got talked into Isagenix almost forcefully (!!); then he started his 30 day program, and developed Vit B6 toxicity symptoms. Both , him and I are medical professionals. After 4 days of following the Isagenix program, he could barely walk !! (One of the Vit B6 toxicity symptoms, if toxicity is not detected and the intake of Vit B6 supplements does not stop, is the impossibility of walking - toxicity of Vit B6 attacking the knees (and other joints, mostly knees).
    He stopped taking Isagenix after 4 days, and the atrocious knee pain gradually went away.
    My advice, as a medical professional: before taking ANY product, CHECK THE LABEL! If any of the ingredients - especially Vitamins - are in more than 100-150% of the recommended daily amount one should ingest, REthink your decision of intoxication your body with that product (except if you DO have a specific Vitamin/etc deficiency)
    READ the Isagenix label! It contains an overwhelming quantity of Vit B 6 and Vit B12 !
    And if it is not affecting you right now, it WILL affect you later for sure, if you continue to take monstrous quantities of Vitamins or other ingredients that can cause toxicity.

    Bottom line: It is NOT WORTH intoxicating your body just for the pleasure of losing a few pounds! And the irony is that you are intoxicating your own body with Vit B6-B12 on your own HUGE expense , financially too...... think about it ! and STUDY before you take anything!

    Posted by gabby on July 26th, 2010

    Hey, your right! Isagenix does not work for everybody. If you do not follow the program, it does not work. However, Isagenix does work if you follow the program. I know because it worked for me happy.gif when a regular regiment of healthy eating and exercise did not.

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