Keep Your CD's Scratch Less


How to keep your CD's Scratchless.

I have heard many rumors of people having 400 CD's who play them regularly and keep them scratchless. Well I am not one of those people. I do not have the time to put on white gloves to pickup and play my CDs. Nor do I have the money to buy state of the art CD players that will not scratch my CDs. The question is How do I keep my CD's scratchless?

The answer is rather simple. I have a technique. I never listen to the original CD. When I obtain a CD I will make a backup copy of it. Either just copy CD to CD or copy it to my Harddrive. Then I will listen to the copy until it gets too scratched up to listen to anymore. Once that time comes around, WOW I can just create a new burned CD! This way I can keep all my originals in MINT condition without every having a scratch on them. With a burned CD costing as low as a 1 cent a CD, it is cheap and effective.

If you are not one of these high class people with white gloves and expensive CD players, making a copy of your CD is definatley the way to keep the original CD scratchless. This also doubles as a saftey feature. If your CD's all got stolen one day, wow you still have the original at home or even have all of your CD's on the computer. That theif did not get away with much unless they stole your computer also!

By following these simple guide lines you too can keep your CDs in mint condition with no scratches on them cheap and easy!


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