Life Re-Charged Isagenix: Day 4 Cleanse

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Life Re-Charged Isagenix: Day 4 Cleanse
by FrosT

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    Day 4 - Cleanse Day
    Today was a bit tougher than expected. The Isagenix Cleanse juice drink was still nasty and was still hard to drink. I craved food all day. Lyndsey and I went to her neice's (soon to be mine also) birthday party. That was rough, luckily her brother in law was a health nut and had little tomatoes that I had maybe 3 of. The cake they were eating was my favorite type and I had to stand there and watch everyone eat it = I am proud of myself that I did not screw with the Isagenix program and give in to eating cake.

    Later that day Lyndsey and I went to see V for Vendetta. It was not a horrible movie but not aww inspiring either. Before the movie, Lyndsey was hungry, so we went to a deli place to get her a sandwhich. Again sitting and watch someone eat while I could not = Oh well, Lyndsey helped me hold strong by not giving me any =) After the movie I was soo tried, Lyndsey dropped me off at my apartment than headed home. I went straight to bed. Day 4, not easy but I made onto day 5.

    Ending Notes
    Drinking the Isagenix Cleanse Juice drink was tough. It was nasty and made me want to puke. By the end of the day I was worn out, tired and not really even hungry for anything, not even water. I can see now that the Isagenix Cleanse guidelines say no more than 2 days of cleansing at a time. It starts to wear on you.

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    Did you finish this diet? if so what were the results/




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