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Life Re-Charged - Isagenix
by FrosT

Edit: Read my newest post Isagenix is a Complete Waste of Time and Money!

After talking to an old friend from Highschool and discussing my thyroid problem he turned me onto Isagenix, a toxic cleanser system. For more indepdth information about Isagenix visit: Anyways I told him about my abnormal weight gain that came from my Thyroid problem and he told me about Isagenix, a program his mom got onto. Well Here starts day 1.

Day 1 of Isagenix - Life Re-Charged
Today is my Pre-Cleanse day. I had 1 Isagenix Shake for breakfast and a Natural something pill. For lunch I will have a lean roastbeef sandwhich with yogurt and lots of water. 90oz of water to be exact (roughly 3 liters). I felt great this morning, energetic and in a very happy mood. When I went pee my pee smelt...well kind of toxic. Which to me is a good sign.

This is my first 9-Day cleanse which is really an 11 day cleanse because I am doing the 2-day Pre-Cleanse. I am hungry, but nothing that will detour me from the program. I am about to go and eat my yogurt to help stop the pains.

My Standing Point
Some people may say this is a bunch of BS. Well that is what I am here to prove. I bought the 9-day supply solely because I trust my friends mom completely. That is the only reason I am trying Isagenix. I will keep you updated on how much weight I lose and my measurements. Questions feel free to comment on my blog.

Ending Notes
I am not 100% sure if this will work like everyone says it will. If it does not I am only out $120. If Isagenix works like everyone says it does Awesome! That was a well spent $120.

Weight: 181lbs (with clothes)
Waist: 40"
Chest: 42"
Abdomen: 38"
(Note I will update these when I get home with the correct measurements, this is just a rough guess of what I remember this morning)

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Posted by gatorjunki on April 12th, 2006

Thank your for your input on my blog for today. I thought it was an interesting exercise, and thought I would share it with the blog world and see what kind of reactions I got. Thanks! And good luck with the Isagenix!!

Posted by anonymous on July 26th, 2006



Posted by frost on July 27th, 2006

Not enough for me to spend the money it costs. I have a 9-day cleanse kit and a 30-day if you want them at discounted prices let me know. I will send them both to you for $100 + shipping.


Posted by anonymous on July 28th, 2006

I have done the 9 day cleanse and can't tell you how much I love it. I dropped 11 pounds in the 9 days. Yes, I was a bit hungry on the cleanse days but nothing unmanagable. Worth every pennny. I continue with the maintance and still feel great. All you have to have is the mind set to do it.

Posted by anonymous on July 29th, 2006

just another shake for breakfast low cal meal for lunch diet!!! if u drank a normall shake for breakfast and a low cal meal for lunch plus eat sum appetite suppressants and vitimins same results half the price!!!! one big con if u ask me!!!

Posted by anonymous on July 29th, 2006

exactly what i was thinking!!! nice thoughts!! agree totally!!!

Posted by anonymous on July 29th, 2006

if ur gonna lose weight u need a proper diet plan i recomend weight watchers points plan!! you can eat what u want when you want alls you have to do is count the points they have a huge range of weight watchers brand foods with the points allready worked out for you and they incourage fruit and veg which is 100% better vitimin intake than shuvvin your body full of tabs!!! it also helps to change ur eating plans for life in an easy way!! because lets face it u cant follow isagenix all ur life and wen u stop ul put ur weight back on!!! if ur serious about losing weight the healthy way visit the site now!!!! xxxx

Posted by anonymous on September 15th, 2006


Posted by anonymous on September 25th, 2006

I am on day 5 of the Isagenix 9 day program and I LOVE IT!! I've lost 10lbs and have had more control than I've ever experienced with my eating. I don't have cravings, my energy level is great. I truly believe that my body has been full of toxins that have sabotaged my metabolism and LIFE! Before Isagenix, I haven't been able to get the scale to budge in any direction but "up" even with focusing on eating better and exercising I was still gaining weight! this is the best program ever and I'm proof. I'm a sugar-a-holic but I haven't had a single sweet thing (besides fresh fruit) since I started Isagenix! I don't crave it. I am in control!

Posted by anonymous on September 27th, 2006

I have been on Isagenix for 3 weeks and have lost 12 pounds and have never felt better. I have battled with weight for years and have tried WW and everything else under the sun but nothing works like this. I believe the whole secret is in the cleansing to get the toxins out so all of you who think you could get the same results from drinking a normal shake and a low cal meal are wrong. I've tried that too and could never stay on it. With Isagenix you actually lose the cravings and want to eat healthy foods. I'm living proof. I would recommend it to anyone who has struggle with thier weight.

Posted by anonymous on October 23rd, 2006

im on ww and my boss is totally into this stuff, but i think if its worth losing th weight its worth working for it. Yea so shes lost 11 pounds, I've lost 55 and i've learned how to eat with out depriving myself.

Posted by anonymous on October 23rd, 2006

We are currently working on the detailed reviews of "Isagenix," the multi-level marketing company that makes diet supplements and other "wellness" products.

The bottom line with diet pills and supplements that are made for weight loss is that they have side-effects which make taking them in the long-term unreasonable. Quit taking them and the weight almost always comes back. There is the problem. If any diet pills worked in the long-term they would be sold by giant pharmaceutical companies, not multi-level marketing companies, midnight infomercials and obscure websites. With the epidemic of obesity in the United States they would be impossible to avoid in our society and would be front page news.

Honest, inexpensive and long-term weight loss is best achieved through change of mindset about life, diet and exercise. We love the new online programs which are a marked improvement from the historically good programs.

Posted by bizwoman on October 24th, 2006

I just started the plan. I have tried many other "healthy" diets and programs and nothing seems to work for me. I'm always hungry. I decided that adding all the nutirients to your body might be a better way to go. Besides I have really bad skin and I need to get to the source of the problem rather than cover it up with medicatins.

I have been on the program for 4 days not (starting day 5). I didn't find the cleanse liquid bad if it was at room tempertature, cold it had kind of a back bite to it. The shakes are malt-shop but they're ok. The one thing I did notice is that I wasn't hungry, and using a coach helped because there are little things you can eat if you get hungry to help put the feeling off. I have lost 8 lbs. so far and that's amazing for me (I'm 5cool.gif.

Posted by anonymous on December 27th, 2006

I started Isagenix in 2001. Lost 39 lbs. After I quit using the products, I gained back 39 lbs, PLUS another 14. Isagenix promotes product dependency, and it's VERY expensive for what you get. I can do a master cleanse for about $20 that will do the same, and there are no pills or shakes with that.

Posted by anonymous on January 11th, 2007

Eat less, excercise every day, make sure you drink lots of water, and include a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit in your diet, use a little discipline. How hard is that, really to do? Pills and shakes don't do it, folks. YOU have to be in control of your body. Isaenix doesn't work long term. I lost a BUNCH of weight on it. Everyone thought I was changed forever. I thought I was changed forever. I was estatic. We made a move to a new town. I got off the products after twi two years and keeping my weight off (as long as I kept using the products and spending the MONEY to buy the. For just a little while, less than 3 months, I went off the products -- because of the financial stuff I was into because of the move. During that time, I gained all my weight back! And, I gained more. If you keep spending hundreds of dollars a months for the shakes and pills, your weight stays off. Get off the products, and it come back. I'm now losing weight again, a little slower, but using common sense not products! I'll never use Isagenix again and I'll never recommend to anyone for real weight loss that lasts. They made a lot of money off of me, though. Good for Isagenix, bad for me!

Posted by anonymous on January 11th, 2007

I'm same person above that made the comment before. I want to talk, too, about the Isagenix business. You have to work really hard to get people in. Then you have to have 900 dollars in business volume, which means that you or the people in your group sell arond $1,300 in products, and that business volume has to be on two sides like this: 300 business volume on one side, and 600 on the other. When that happens, you cyle one time. That means you get around $50. The company makes $1300 for all of your hard work and getting people on both sides who are buying, and YOU have to buy around $150 yourself personally to get paid each cycle. So, Isagenix makes $1300 from my hard work, and I get $50. Someone explain to me how that is a good business and not a rip-off from Isagenix?

Posted by anonymous on January 12th, 2007

I think that most diets work if you work the diet! If you need to go on a weightloss program "initially" to kick start your weightloss that by all means. What needs to be conveyed is, the "diet"product should not be the begin all to end all. Without a doubt you will have to eat healthy and exercise. I think that the reason alot of people regain there weight and more back is because they became"co-dependant" on the products. If you are not practicing good eating habits and exercising "in addition" to the product of course you will not be able to keep it off. There hasn't been a change in your "lifestyle". The other things that is really bothersome to me is the insensitivity to those that have to lose more that a mere 10-15 pounds; it is easy to say, "just eat right and exercise"-what if you can get off the couch, etc? I think some of "us" need a "jump start" to get us up and motivated; with the understanding that the majority of the ownous is on us. Better to do a jumpstart that go under the knife!

Posted by anonymous on February 08th, 2007

I was directed to this blog by a friend.

I just started with Isagenis at 54 yr.old, and lost 10 lbs from 170 -160 in 3 weeks, 2 on the 9 day cleanse and one doing a modified version of the 30 days cleanse. I have been in the gym every day and followed all the directiosn to teh letter. I feel great and my workouts have been fantastic. My wife also did the same and went from 126-113 this morning. I can't say enough about the products.

This afternoon I had a four lunch with Jimmy Smith. For anyone who is an Isagenix associate, you will note that Jimmy is the number one producer in Isagenix and has just cycled for the 3rd time. I eprsonally saw his 1099 for 2006 from Isagenix for 4.4 million and his 2 daughters also whose were 2.2 and 2.4 million each. He has been with Isagenix from the beginning and achived these levels in 4.5 years.

The poster above in reference to the business aspect..the $50 you got of the $1300 is just your portion of it as the people above you will get their share of it also. It sin't just Isagenix that is getting the rest of the money. Everyone upline of you is benefitting from yoru BV down here, You get to participate in that powerful system as you and the people below you build yoru network. Jimmy has 74,000 people below him. He cycles like every minute I think. His weekly pay is in excess of $90,000. I saw it all in black and white with my own eyes. His 1099, his commission statements from the beginning with Isagenix, He has a neat binder with his monthly starements going back to the beginning. Just simple amazing!

And...the products work! wife also has a hypo active thyroid as the host of this blog does.

Posted by anonymous on March 27th, 2007

Just wanted to note that if you had a medical problem you should have consulted your doctor first... this relates also to your last post where you state you got sick.

Posted by anonymous on April 10th, 2007

I bought the Isagenix looking to jump start my weight loss and loose 20 lbs. It's VERY expensive $270 with coaching, which is basically daily emails of what time frames you are supposed to consume your shakes, snacks, etc. and maybe 3-4 phone calls from your "coach" during you 9 day, which is really an 11 day program with the 2 pre-cleanse days. Basically you cut your caloric intake to about 800-900 per day for 5 of the 9 days, the other 4 days you eat nothing and only drink the Isacleanse drink - 4oz, 4 times a day plus lots of water. They say to weigh after cleanse day 3 - I only lost 1.5 lbs - big deal, what do you expect when you don't eat for 2 days? So i weighed again the next day - the next day you get to eat, and the 1.5 lbs was right back! So I'm here at day 9, the last day of this program with no noticible inches gone, out $270 and back to where I started. I'll weigh tomorrow and if i see the same 1.5 lbs gone, I'll know this program isn't for me. Maybe it works better for people who have more weight to loose.

Posted by frost on April 10th, 2007

A medical problem? lol I would hardly consider a common cold to be a medical problem. I know when I need to see a doctor.

Posted by awilda79 on August 12th, 2007

are you still selling yours frost i saw you had offered them on july 27th to another user. im interested if you still have the isagenix 9 day program

Posted by frost on August 12th, 2007

July 27th of 2006. Nope I no longer have them.




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