Life Re-Charged Isagenix: Day 5 Shake Day

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Life Re-Charged Isagenix: Day 5 Shake Day
by FrosT

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    Day 5 - Shake Day
    Happy Easter by the way. Day 5 of Isagenix. I am almost half-way there. This morning was very weird. I am in a weird mood today. This morning I made myself an Isagenix Vanilla Shake. It tasted alright, better than that juice crap and more filling. My hunger pains are gone. I do not have any desire right now to eat anything. That may change once I get around the smell of food, but as for now nothing. I woke up at 7:00am this morning. That is weird for me especially for a Sunday. My stomache was acting weird so I got up made a shake and drank some water. My stomache still feels weird. Hopefully the Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse will be easier not to eat anything that I should not eat now that I finished my first 2 cleanse days.

    The hard part about today is I have lunch with Lyndsey's Grandpaernts and Dinner with Lyndsey's dad at a resturaunt none the less. I am not really looking forward to sitting at a table and watching everyone eat. But oh well I guess. I chose to start the program on Wednsday. No one's fault but my own. A suggestion, do not start until you know the next 2 weeks are un-eventful. 2 Birthday Parties and Easter is really tempting and depressing. Just a suggestion.

    Anyhow the day is starting off alright. I hope it ends the same.

    Ending Notes
    I hate being in weird moods, but I am in one. Hopefully it ends once I get outside. Isagenix better work, I earned it.

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    Posted by anonymous on April 16th, 2006

    Well, bright pink would be awesome, but I'm trying to come up with colors that my mom might possibly think about letting me dye it. I dunno we'll see I guess.

    Happy Easter!

    Posted by anonymous on April 12th, 2007 I am following this guy through his days, I am not understanding this! Everything tastes bad, he feels like he wants to throw up, and is starving himself - would'nt anyone lose weight doing that???




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