Life Re-Charged Isagenix: Day 7 Shake Day

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Life Re-Charged Isagenix: Day 7 Shake Day
by FrosT

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    Day 7 - Shake Day
    A new day arises. Another 4 more days of the Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse. My final day of this Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse is Saturday April 22nd 2006. Yestarday got really bad at night. I was really frustrated which made me want to eat food. My stomache got very hungry, but I managed my way through the hunger. This morning I am not all that hungry. Really thinking about eating a cookie is actually kind of sickening to my stomache. Now if there was a cookie here in front of me I may have a different view.

    Maybe the Isagenix is finally kicking in to be noticeable, or my body has realized that no matter how much it craves for food I will not give my body what it wants. I have yet to re-measure myself and probably will not re-measure until Thursday night. Than I need to go and buy a cheap scale to weigh myself. I know when I started I was around 180lb's with clothes and shoes on. The only part of the Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse I have not been good about is the 20-minute a day workout. I usually lift for a few minutes at a time but generally not a straight 20-minute workout. I actually may stop at Target and buy a Cardio workout DVD. I would enjoy doing a cardio workout DVD than I would running on a treadmill. I hate treadmill's.

    We will see. I will probably buy that DVD and a Weight Scale. Well since I started the Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse I have been hungry and could be seen a grumpy a lot of times. I think I have improved. The first 7 days were tough. Even so for me because I have not fasted for a whole day in years and I love food. To be able to give up something I love for 7 days, and soon to be 11 days is amazing to me. I found some inner srength I never knew I had inside of me.

    Ending Notes
    Although the Isagenix 9-Day program is very tough at first, I feel it will be worth it in the end. Every day I brush my teeth I look at myself and I honestly see a different me. I think I look a lot healthier than I did. I feel healthier. My energy levels are starting to decrease quite a bit. I forgot to mix the Isagenix Want More Energy Drink mix into my Isagenix Vanilla/Chocolate Shake this morning. Although I am not deathly tired, I am wore out. 4 more days, I am on top of the hill running down the decline to the bottom.

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    Posted by anonymous on April 19th, 2006

    I just wanted to thank you for trying this thing out. I've been hearing about it lately, but I'm a single mom and student. I just don't have the money to spend on it, should it all be a bunch of lies! You're awesome.

    Posted by anonymous on April 19th, 2006

    Your welcome.


    Posted by anonymous on May 07th, 2006

    Im curious how much weight you have lost? I'm in the pre-cleanse phase day 1 and have heard alot of claims of weight loss..looking for some positive results from you. Thanks.

    Posted by frost on May 08th, 2006

    Only 5 lbs, but I also got really sick on the last 3 days. I am planning on doing another 9-day As soon as I get some more money.


    Posted by anonymous on May 13th, 2006

    I have been wanting to purchase the Isagenix 30 day cleanse for a little over a month now.I am very skeptical. Please let all the readers know the conclusion.

    Posted by frost on May 13th, 2006

    It has been concluded, check out the archives section.





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