Life Re-Charged Isagenix: Day 8 Shake Day

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Life Re-Charged Isagenix: Day 8 Shake Day
by FrosT

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    Day 8 - Shake Day
    I am very tired this morning. Last night I went to see Ice Age: The Meltdown with my sister's family because it was my niece's birthday. At anyrate I drank my Isagenix vanilla shake today. One word of advice, DO NOT DRINK THE ISAGNIX SHAKES WITH WARM WATER! That makes the Isagenix shakes taste very nasty. Cold water is the best. I had to gulp down 10oz of a warm Isagenix Shake. Never again. That was a very hard 10oz of the Isagenix Shake to choke down.

    Only 3 more days left. I am hungrier than ever but holding strong. Last night was hard because I bought Lyndsey and Leif food from Good Times. I wanted to eat just 1 fry but I resisted. Good Times smelt so good. I am amazed at how much will power I have. I would of never thought I could go 8 days without anything but a little snack here and there and some shakes. I have not had any sugar, sugar products, meat (other than lean roast beef), or caffine in the past 8 days.

    My stomache is growling right now, but I do not have any hard boiled eggs = I am going to King Soopers for lunch today to get some Turkey and a few hard boiled eggs. I need to make a trip to Safeway tonight and pick up some eggs and other various items.

    I can feel myself slowly digressing with less and less energy. To think if I would of skipped the Isagenix Pre-Cleanse days, today would of been my last day. Oh well the Isagenix 9-Day Program should work better that I did the Isagenix Pre-Cleanse days.

    Anyhow 3 days left.

    Ending Notes
    The closer I get, the more anxious I get. I prefer to stay at home so I am not tempted so easily, but that does not look like it will happen tonight or Friday night. Thursday I am helping Leif with testing Cat 5e. Thanks for reading.

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