Life Re-Charged Isagenix: Day 9 Shake Day

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Life Re-Charged Isagenix: Day 9 Shake Day
by FrosT

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    Day 9 - Shake Day
    Last night was good, I was able to get my exercise in via Dodgeball. I feel energized today and in a great mood. I am not even hungry right now and it is almost noon. That exercising must of kicked something in and now I wish I would of done at least the 20 minutes of exercising a day like Isagenix suggested.

    The shakes taste decent cold. I am awaiting another 10-15 minutes for my Turkey Sandwhich. Yum! I am dreading tommorow's Isagenix Cleanse Day. Those juice drinks are nasty. Hopefully I have the same mentality as today so I am not dieing of hunger tommorow. Isagenix has opened a whole new outlook on my life. Isagenix has shown me some inner strength I never knew I could possibly have. It is not easy sitting at a table at a resturant watching everyone else eat great smelling and looking food. Nor watching everyone eat a hamburger and french fries, cake, ribs or Qdoba in front of you.

    At any rate I am doing good today. Not much hunger and very thirsty. I am on my second 33oz of water. I will fill up again after lunch. I am feeling much better on this Isagenix plan today than I have in a while.

    Ending Notes
    Feel great, not much more to say.

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