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So I got bored tonight and decided to write a poem off the top of my head, so yea. It probably makes no sense at all, I dunno what I was getting at. It is also probably grammatically incorrect and all that mumbo jumbo. But honestly, I do not care =) If you read it, take it up the butt like a man! =) Anyhow I wrote it with Lyndsey on my mind so yea it is kinda dedicated to her in a way.

I hope you enjoy it, feel free to take it if you want, I do not care. =) I hope it does you good!


Underneath the stars of light,
With your thoughts so bright,
Wondering about your life.

With this one true light,
From these stars that shine so bright,
Make one wish for the one you like.

Believing in the pure star light,
Trusting in the fate of night,
Fuel the fire you ignite.

Beliving and trusting,
Wondering and hoping,
Is all this world's fuel.

To ignite the fire's within,
Show the one you love,
Your true light within.

-- James A Worthen

--FrosT cool.gif

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