Lost My Data

KeyWords: Jittery

Well as some may or may not notice I have lost all my data due to an error. Good thing I always try crap and myself and never other users. At anyrate I am going to try and record all my stuff. Just incase you were wondering "What happened to FrosT's blog and comments" well now you know.



Posted by frost on Oct 6th, 2005 16:48 - Subscribe Bookmark and Share

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Posted by frost on October 06th, 2005

Point and snicker would be better.

Posted by anonymous on February 08th, 2006

Better yet, buy him an extra drive.


Posted by anonymous on July 02nd, 2006

After i restarted my computer i only found the c: partition on my computer as it was
but the other four partions were named localdisk and they didnt open when i double clicked on them but the windowsXP asked me to fomat them but i refused because they contain my data
how can i fix that problem ?
i have just bought that hard drive from USA from 2 months iam in Egypt now.. please help me





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