The Magic Bullet - Save Your Money

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The Magic Bullet - Save Your Money
by FrosT

The Magic Bullet is a horrible product. I felt it was my obligation to make a post that will get internet hits to let other people know and not be fooled into buying The Magic Bullet, a sucky peice of crap machine. Everything on the Infomercial that the actors, which is poorly acted, do is 500x harder in real life.

Smoothies with The Magic Bullet
Making a smoothie with the Magic Bullet turns out completely wrong. Lumpy, and not mixed very well. Anytime ice is introduced, the Magic Bullet's effectiveness drops dramatically! Despite what they show on the infomercial, the Magic Bullet does not make smoothies very well at all!

Chopping and Mincing
Make your own salsa they say. Chop onions without the smell! Bull crap. While trying to chop onions, the chunks came out way to thin. Following their guidelines every step of the way, anything you tried to Chop or Mince with the Magic Bullet, did not come out like it was intended to. Save yourself an onion and chop it by hand instead of using the Magic Bullet.

Small and Compact NOT!
For the size and storing all of the Magic Bullets components a Blender will save you more space. The Magic Bullet came with 4 Cups, a Large and Small blending containers, 2 blades and of course the Magic Bullet in itself. Now the 4 cups are at least 12oz and the large container is 20oz and the small is about 8oz. Plus the cups have handles on them. Pain in the butt to store. Their is no counter-top storage for that. Now consider that against 1 blender. To me the blender, which mind you is only $20 as appose to $50-100, is a much better deal than the Magic Bullet.

The Magic Bullet Recipe CookBook
What another joke. I paid the $15 for the Magic Bullet 101 Cookbook, there was nothing new in it. Everything in the Magic Bullet 101 Cookbook was again a joke. What have I come to expect? Nothing in the cookbook would be what I would want to make. The majority of the recipes were smoothies or something ridiculous like that. No real meals, and on top of that anything I made from the Magic Bullet 101 CookBook tasted bad. Was not even worth the taste to try.

Cooking with the Magic Bullet HAH!
This is the biggest joke. Especially if you are cooking for more than 1 person. Since The Magic Bullet's containers are soo small it barely makes 1 serving. Because the Magic Bullet only makes 1 serving you have to dirty up every single one of the containers, and clean them 3 times just to make 1 meal. In the time it took me to mix the ingredients clean and re-clean the Magic Bullet, because you do not want garlic flavored tomatoes, I could have had 5 other dinners made by hand.

Ending Notes
The Magic Bullet is not worth the money you spend on it. Honestly, take the $50-100 and go buy your wife something nice, like flowers or a necklace. I gurantee you will get more satisfaction out of that rather than getting her this Big, Messy, Unefficient and Space Hog of a machine called the Magic Bullet.


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Posted by anonymous on April 23rd, 2006

I have just purchased the Magic Bullet and, upon purchasing it i received a second one for free(called within 18 minutes)but, so far all I have made with it is the smoothies. I wanted the recipe book but did not want to spend the 15.00 for it. I figured for the price of the Magic Bullet it should have came with it. If it sucks as much as you say you should put it online for others to try and decide for themselves, and decide.

Posted by frost on April 23rd, 2006

I do not want to violate copyright laws or plagerize.


Posted by anonymous on April 30th, 2006

i like it when the red water comes out

Posted by anonymous on May 05th, 2006


Posted by frost on May 05th, 2006

Overuse of caps locks there. My opinion the magic bullet sucks and is a waste of time and money. The blades are cheap too, I have had both my blades break on me and I never even used ice in one. Sucky POS.


Posted by anonymous on May 05th, 2006

You don't have to be a chef to make the bullet a prize in your kitchen, but it's certainly not a product for someone who is aggressive and impatient with learning to use it and use it correctly. I disagree that you can only cook for one. I made the best deviled eggs ever this Easter...enough to fill 30 egg halves in just the large mix cup. I made the eggs in 5 minutes without one lump as opposed to 15 in the past.

Also, smart people would go to Bed, Bath & Beyone, Linen's and Things or stores like Kohls to purchase. They all stock the bullet, and often have it on sale AND the recipe book comes with it. I got mine and 3 gifts each for under $40.00.

You can't believe everything you see on those infomercials. True, onions come out more as a puree, but that puree worked great in soups, sauces, and chili.

Learn to use your bullet and you'll be happy.

Posted by anonymous on May 06th, 2006

Worst product ever made. Bulky and completely horrible.

Posted by anonymous on May 09th, 2006

wow...very very informative inofrmation... i already have a mixie with all the blades which do a fantastic job and was just about to buy the Bullet... well i dont think i will... well if they say it works well it ought to work super.. which i guess it does'nt.. thanks frost! very useful thought!

Posted by anonymous on May 09th, 2006

I use the Magic Bullet every day for mixing the Isagenix shakes (also the Cleanse on cleanse days). It works great. I only keep the blender, one container, and one blade on the counter. It takes up no more room than a coffee mug. I wouldn't want to be with out it now that I'm doing Isagenix.

- Rick

Posted by anonymous on May 11th, 2006

I've owned my Magic Bullet for 2 years. I use it every day, and I love it. I don't know what i'd do without it. I have both cookbooks and the recipes aren't near as horrible as you say. Sounds like your just a lousy cook. If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

Posted by anonymous on May 20th, 2006

I just got a magic bullet and I LOVE IT! It is such an amazing tool and really does cut down cooking time. I guess it depends on the indvidual but I love it and use it all the time!

Posted by anonymous on May 22nd, 2006

I'll admit that the containers are a bit too small for more than 1 serving at a time, but I just recently got a magic bullet and it is already my favorite kitchen appliance. So far it's proven pretty durable too- I had a party where I was making margaritas all night and the blades are still kicking. I suppose you may have gotten a bad egg off the assembly line, but I for one think magic bullets are great.

Posted by anonymous on May 23rd, 2006

Some of the jobs it does a great job of..grinding coffee, herbs, bread for crumbs,smoothies
crap for dips and pesto

Posted by anonymous on June 01st, 2006

Ilovemy magic bullet. I make soups, cold and hot, every night and never made soups before because they were too much trouble. It has made me far more creative in my cooking with just five minutes for excellent results.

Posted by frost on June 02nd, 2006

Well it seems like a lot of people enjoy the Magic Bullet, I still stand with my statements above, but I guess it is up to you to decide how it works for you. As for me, it is a big waste of space and money.


Posted by anonymous on June 13th, 2006

I really want some of the recipys that are on the pay book, if some one could post some of the creative ones, not smoothyes thanks

Posted by anonymous on June 16th, 2006

I don't have the magic bullet but I bought another appliance just like it called * bella cucina (Rocket Blender)set*. It was only $29.00 with all the same items that come with Magic Bullet. It works just as well and I bought it at Freds Dollar Store Lol.
I did go on ebay and buy the recipe book for .99 and $6.99 shipping. That was my choice to buy the book. I do think that the charge for this item and the books not counting accessories and replacements are just outrageous.
The rings and lids has to be replaced often. Anyway, I love the results of using *MY BLENDER* but I will not pay that much for a Magic Blender. In my neck of the woods, theu are $59,99 without the recipe book.
Just my two beads worth<>+<>

Posted by tron on June 16th, 2006

this product has the same name as a sex toy... thats enough to put me off. anyway WHO buys shit off the tv?

Posted by anonymous on June 20th, 2006

YUMMY I LOVE FOOD!!!!!!! This is the best thing that has ever happened to my life. I don't know where i would be without it. i bought it ten years ago at a yard sale down the street, and it has yet to break. The blades are still sharp, and the smoothies are still yummy. I don't know why anyone would want to get rid of it. I actually own 20 now just in case one breaks. you may say i'm crazy, but you can't judge me, you don't even know me. my name is timmy turner and i was born with fairy god parents. and i wished for a blender but it sucked, so i left them. and then i bought my magic bullet.

Posted by frost on June 20th, 2006

Everyone has their own expierences. My expierences the blades are crap, they busted on me the first 5 times I used the machine. Not worth it. Buying 20, yea you are crazy. Glad you had that much money to blow on this horrible product.


Posted by anonymous on June 22nd, 2006

Point taken about it not performing as advertised, but what ever does..? mine works (worked) great for what I've found it does best, such as making garlic butter, grating freash parmesean, or making fresh rubs for bbq'ing, and yes it's phenomenal at making f***ing smoothies. Unfortunately, mine just took a shit after about 1.5 years.. (the little plastic piece that's hooked to the motor shaft on the main unit fell apart.. probably due to over use as I use the thing constantly). I've never bought any kitchen crap from an infommerical and probably never will (we got ours as a gift), but if I can't fix the one I've got, I'm damn sure gonna head out to the store and buy another.. best piece of kitchen equipment I've ever owned!

Posted by anonymous on June 23rd, 2006

I also have the bella cucina magic bullet. It does not cursh ice properly unless you break them into small pieces before crushing it. It makes a great peanut butter shake and chops up my onions and garlic with no problems.

Posted by anonymous on July 11th, 2006

i also have a rocket blender instead of a magic bullet and it works great, and it wasnt that expensive. thanks for all the info.

Posted by anonymous on July 12th, 2006

There are a number of parts available on eBay including the drive gears. One guy is selling seal rings which he says will last a lot longer than the original seals.

Posted by anonymous on July 14th, 2006

well...let me tell you.
apparently the magic bullet does suck,and there is another alternative. the miracle chopper 2000. i bought this for my wife because she desperately wanted the magic bullet.this item is far better than the magic bullet.i am a cook and some people are right. if you cant cook..then this is not for you.the miracle chopper is a canadian version of the magic bullet.i will try it and i will keep you all posted.

Posted by anonymous on July 14th, 2006

oh yeah..the magic bullet and the miracle 2000 both have the crappy recipe books...not much just a few items...wonder why?
im just glad i know how to sure this will be good.

Posted by anonymous on July 15th, 2006

I just got my magic bullet and thought it makes a great smoothie. Great for the hangover anyways lol.

Posted by anonymous on July 16th, 2006

100% bad! hated it, don't buy it!

Posted by anonymous on July 17th, 2006

OMG i cant believe i was taken in by that crummy ad! The magic bullet is a cheapo product, save urself hps of money, just make everything yourself! It takes u longer to make anything - and it taste nicer if u make it urself anyway! Don't be fooled by the "and in one, two three seconds u can make..."! tell everyone about this product - that its DEFINETLY not worth it!!

Posted by anonymous on July 21st, 2006

I just got my Magic Bullet in the mail this afternoon. Already made:

iced chocolate coffee (very yummy, and I hate coffee)from the book

cheesecake recipe in the book was very good and incredibly easy

quesadillas, also from the included book, a little bland, and I recommend freezing the cheese

milk shakes are my GF's new love

All in all I can see myself using this thing quite a bit. Once you get used to the size of the containers you can easily compensate. Prep time, one annoyance they don't show on the infomercial, was a bit, but if you are even modertly competent in a kitchen you shouldn't have a problem.

The sturdyness and power I was actually quite suprised in. I have fed it ice, chicken, un-softened creame cheese, and it ate it right up with no problems.

All in all, even after an afternoon and evening with it, I do recommend this thing as a compactish blender. All the extra components do take up a bit of space, but really you shouldn't have to many issues with finding a place for it all.

Posted by anonymous on July 22nd, 2006

I made a smoothie in the magic bullet and for some reason the concoction leaked into the motor. Have no idea how that happened, nor how to fix it.
So for me the magic bullet was great for aboug 3 months, and now I have to go buy something else to make smoothies. What I need is something with an industrial motor.

Posted by anonymous on July 23rd, 2006

Some one put one some of the recipes from the 101 cook book, pleeeeeeeeeeeeessse I am begging i need more recipies because i AM IN LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE WITH MY BULLET

thanks(: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:

Posted by frost on July 23rd, 2006

anonymous - July 23rd, 2006 -

Buy your own cookbook for $15. Posting any recipies or links to recipies from the book will be deleted and reported for copyright infringement.


Posted by anonymous on July 24th, 2006

Bought the bullet, like it, but I went through a few test foods before I figured out, some things I learned..

1) It's a LOT more powerfull than my old blender.. I would puree foods in the time it took to just chop them with the old machine

2) The cookbook sucks... You have to be creative on your own.. if you weren't used to making up foods to eat before the bullet, you probably won't be able to use it much (beyond the cookbook)

3) Yeah, it's expensive.. but so far, I'm impressed. We'll see how it holds up.

4) I'm thinking this is the type of thing where either you love it or you hate it.

Posted by anonymous on July 27th, 2006

I think it's expensive but worth it's price. I use it everyday, making smoothies with ice in too. ;3 Works wonderfully!

Posted by anonymous on August 03rd, 2006

this is a note to everyone who loves the bullet:
i bought my bullet 7 months ago and loved it at first too. i made smoothies everyday using frozen fruit and milk and enjoyed its power and versatility. over the past few months, however, i've noticed it's power significantly decreasing even though i've only ever used it as directed by the infomercial and the guide booklet. this morning, my magic bullet completely seized up and started smoking and has been rendered a totally worthless piece of junk. in retrospect it never was actually able to do what the infomercial suggested it could...and as compared to comparably priced blenders and food processors it's a complete and total rip off. if you're thinking about buying one, don't get fooled by the hype. go with a more traditional appliance instead.

Posted by anonymous on August 05th, 2006

I want to by one but after seeing all this I wonder. On the Cucina Rocket Blender can you put the cups in the micro-wave like the Bullet says you can theirs?

Posted by anonymous on August 05th, 2006

I am a Senior Citizen and 79 yrs old.The TV makes it look so easy and being diabetic I thot it would help me because of not using sugar. What do you think I should do. Save my money as I just have enough to live on(barely) so should I invest or not?

Posted by anonymous on August 05th, 2006

In response to above, buy one from e-bay or used from someone else but only if you are a person who can change the way they cook.. The magic bullet is not going to make managing your diabetes simple as you need to mange your whole day's nutrition not just part of it, but it may help you include more fruits and dairy products in your diet.

Posted by anonymous on August 07th, 2006

Thamks I think I will buy it. If I don't my daughter said she would. They think I would use alot more fruits and vegetables this way. I do watch my diet carefully being diabetic but they said I could use the veggies and fruits in many ways w/this just instead of taking a piece of fruit and eating it. I might enjoy it more in a shake or slushie. So thank you very much for answering so soon. The Cucina Rocket blender said you had to pull the plug in and out so I don't think I would like that as I have grandchildren who would use it and maybe they would eat healthier.

Posted by anonymous on August 08th, 2006

For all of us who did get stuck with a M.B. if you need gears there's some bloke selling them at It's a whole lot better than buying another base for $40+!

Posted by anonymous on August 09th, 2006

frost - July 24th, 2006
anonymous - July 23rd, 2006 -

Buy your own cookbook for $15. Posting any recipies or links to recipies from the book will be deleted and reported for copyright infringement.


Yeah, that would be all well and good if they will sell me one, which they wont... I have emailed and emailed, and, they say, as it was bought through a non approved supplier (ebay), they will not supply any warranty or replacement parts.. I explain time and again that i dont want replacement parts persay, just the books, and they reply with emails like the one below...

We apologize for any inconvenience. We would like to assist you with
replacement parts for your Magic Bullet unfortunately, due to the
overwhelming success of our product we have identified several unauthorized
replicas of the Magic Bullet. We cannot attest to the safety or quality of
using our replacement parts with these unauthorized replicas since we do not
manufacture or warranty them. Unfortunately we would be able to provide
replacements for Magic Bullets that were purchase through ebay. If you have
any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via email or
toll free at 866-446-6352 and we will gladly assist you.

Thank you,

Porscher Haywood
Customer Service Specialist
Homeland Housewares

So, what does one do then??? I tried ringing to discuss, and get the same automnous responses from the robot like women there...

So, If I DO get hold of a recipe book, I WILL host it on publicly available WebSpace, and make it available for all, and if someone wants to report me to Homeland Conwares, then, they can go right ahead and do it....

Posted by frost on August 09th, 2006

Glad to here, just do not post any links on my blog as they will be deleted.

Posted by anonymous on August 13th, 2006

Motor Died too quickly. I recieved as a gift from someone who had stored it for about a year. I used it for 3 months and the motor died. I called in and they said they wouldn't replace even though the parts would have clearly shown limited use, because the one year limited warranty had expired. I have 2 other friends whose motors both died within 2 months of the expired warranty... Moreover on the "extended warranty" you are required to pay for shipping both ways on any replacement parts. A great idea with poor execution.

Posted by anonymous on August 18th, 2006


I just got one, for free, and so far so good! It handles ice no problem. It's a little loud when making ice based drinks but, it works just fine.

I want to get the book because, as a single guy, I think I'll come away with some good ideas for me to eat! :-)

I tried the nacho things and it wroked great!


Posted by anonymous on August 20th, 2006


Posted by anonymous on September 16th, 2006

you seem quite angry, frost. maybe if you too were enjoying a delicious smoothie at the moment, you would be in a better mood... or perhaps some delectable soup?

Posted by frost on September 16th, 2006

=) Maybe...maybe.


Posted by anonymous on September 17th, 2006

Personally i think the magic bullet is just a stupid gimmick and a waste of time and money. Just cook food the normal way!

Posted by anonymous on September 18th, 2006

Posted by anonymous on September 19th, 2006

Just because you have a magic bullet doesnt magically make you a fruit and veg eater! But if it is actually going to help you eat it then i guess your all the better for it...

Posted by anonymous on October 02nd, 2006

I just bought my magic bullet, although it was advertised that I'de get the 10 second recipe booklet - it was NOT included. How do I get one??

Posted by anonymous on October 14th, 2006

I got my magic bullet about a year ago and absolutely love it! I live alone so it always works great for me making healthy dinners quickly. No blender or food processor would stand up to it at all. Amazing salsa, soups and shakes are so easy. I've tried every recipe in the book and although some take a little longer than 3 or 4 seconds, i have the extra second or two to spare. No regrets here.

Posted by anonymous on October 25th, 2006

I've have the magic bullet for 6 months and it works fine. very happy with it. Very easy to use.

Posted by anonymous on October 28th, 2006

I agree. Magic Bullet is a peice of junk. The seal rings on my grinder broke up in 2 weeks. I bought it from Sears and Sears did not have parts.

Posted by anonymous on November 07th, 2006

Im getting it. All the bad speaking is making me want it more.

Posted by anonymous on November 13th, 2006

I got my magic bullet from a home store about 3 weeks ago and have used it every day since...I make a great and easy soup with sun-dried tomatoes (from a jar), garlic (again, jar) a big spoonful of creamy caesar salad dressing, and some vegetable stock (i use a bullion cube and water). Anyone who has ever made traditional soups knows that it can be VERY time consuming. I can make this tasty soup in about 5 minutes and then i just heat it in the large cup and pour it into a bowl. It has definitely saved me time (cleanup is REALLY easy). I'm really happy with my magic bullet and for the $35 (canadian) I paid, it's well worth it!

Posted by anonymous on December 25th, 2006

I found the magic bullet ok for smoothies and pureeing. It's fast, with an easy cleanup,'s not made well enough to handle rigorous use for more than a few weeks. The construction is not high quality. My first unit's motor froze within 2 uses (the only way to make it stop was to unplug it entirely). The replacement unit lasted for awhile, but broek recently when the PLASTIC drive wheel on the base (the one that fits into the cup's drive wheel) snapped in two. Why this part was not made of metal is beyond me. Anyway, it works, but not for long. Take from that what you will.

Posted by anonymous on December 27th, 2006

I love my bullet and I agree you to be patient in learning to use it. I have made omelts o die for and smoothies(great) I ahve made quesidillias(wow) and nacho cheese its great. As far as storage I keep it on the counter and keeo accessories ina pretty basket beside it ause i use it everyday!!!

Posted by anonymous on December 27th, 2006

I just have to say that first of all I think the magic bullet is a great kitchen appliance and is great for smoothies. Secondly as far as the sex toy reference, the toy is called the Silver Bullet, not the Magic Bullet so get your facts straight.

Posted by anonymous on January 01st, 2007

I like it alot too! I have made almost all the receipes now and am pretty satisfied with it. It is not for every meal every day but I can use it for dressings, shakes, sorbet, dips, sauces, eggs, and a ton more. Not too bad and the whipped cream recipes actually works!!

Posted by anonymous on January 02nd, 2007

I have to say.. I loved my magic bullet.. until the base got permanently attached to the cup.. it was the weirdest thing.. no one could get it off... I have read a little about some bad copies of it on eBay.. and I did buy from a seller who was removed from eBay just before they shipped to me... so, now I understand why to be very careful with buying this item on eBay.. just wish I could find a replacement blade.
My advice.. don't buy it on eBay.. go to a kitchen store or other offline store..

Posted by anonymous on January 02nd, 2007

i just received teh Magic bullet and cannot find teh cookbook can anyone help/

Posted by anonymous on January 02nd, 2007

Go on the magic bullet website and they have about 20 10 second recipes. I am not sure how many came with the machine though

Posted by loth on January 09th, 2007

You know, I got the Magic Bullet, and I just can't figure out how it killed JFK. I mean, I can't even load it in a gun. It makes a good salsa though. ;^>

Posted by nomad on February 27th, 2007

I'm pretty sure the store-bought versions don't include the blender and you know.

Posted by sletfsak on March 03rd, 2007

i bot the magic bullet and it is pretty good not as good as advertised tho i bot from store so i didnt get the juicer or full size blender. I just watched the infomercial for the 100th time i love the commercial

Posted by sletfsak on March 03rd, 2007

i got the booklet i dont no way some people didnt tho

Posted by ashleyb on October 01st, 2007

I dont think you were using it right, because I find it WONDERFUL, they send you extra seals, like 4 of them with the product. I use it almost daily, and wouldnt put it down at all.

IF you are getting chunky shakes its because you probably dont have enough "liquid" in there for stuff to move around.

By the way, seals break, on just about everything!

Posted by curiouskit on November 04th, 2007

I bought my Magic Bullet about four years ago and loved it! HOWEVER...BEWARE THE REPLACEMENT/REPAIR COSTS!!! The plastic drive wheel has broken on me twice and, though the thing only costs maybe 5 cents to make, the company doesn't sell it separately as a repair part and charged me $39 for a replacement base. They said I could sign up for their "service plan" for $20 a year. WTF? CAN YOU SAY RIP OFF?! I'm military so I bought the thing at the BX for only $39 tax free. Hell...I can just keep buying a new one everytime a part breaks but how much sense does that make?

Bottom line...decent product and even relatively inexpensive (depending on where you buy it). BUT THEY SCREW YOU WHEN IT BREAKS/MALFUNCTIONS. I also own an Oster blender (I've had for over 10 years now) and I've only had to replace a part ONCE ($6.95 for part and S&H). 'Nuff said.

Posted by szilvus on January 06th, 2008

hi all i recently bought the MB ad i will return it.
i tried to chop onions twice, and the result was awful, half of it got nothing but mush and the other half wasn't cut at all, eventhough i shook the container and all to distribute the onions evenly.
also the containers are so small, that you have to cut a regular onion in 6 + pieces, and only about 3 pieces of that fit in one session!
so if i have to peel and cut my onions into pieces i might as well cut them by hand! and again, if at least the results would be satisfying...but they are not. i have an old quick chop here, and it cuts everything way better than the MB! and the quick chop was 10 dollars when it came out!

they say use the small cherry tomatoes and the small whatever-it's-called onions...well but what if i want the red or yellow onions in my recipe?

the containers are way too small to cook for an entire family.

so i am not even gonna try out more with this i will repack it right now and return it. if this thing cannot chop onions i am not expecting much more of it.

and i didn't buy this to just do certain thigs, i want it to do it all as advertised...but that alredy failed.

PS. for those who want the recipes...just type into google magic bullet recipes and you'll get a bunch of pages with the original recipes

Posted by szilvus on January 06th, 2008

sorry for my typos above...i tried to keep up with my thoughts...and i am obvously not a good typer LOL

Posted by szilvus on January 07th, 2008

well...i returned the magic bull**** and got myself a cute little food processor which works way better...takes up the same room (actually less) paid 20 bucks for it and i am happier!

Posted by vnicholas on January 08th, 2008

My sister bought one of these, and she loves it and uses it everyday. So for Christmas my husband went and bought one on sale in a department store for $30, it came with the juicer and blender attachments. This models base is bigger than the one my sister has, probably because the older models broke so often and also to be able to handle the juicer and blender.

I have used it a variety of things, but in my opinion, if you want uniform veggies that are not mush, then cut them yourself, unless you are making soup, then it works well for a smoother soup. I have tried other chopping devices and feel the same way about them, if you like non-pureed veggies, cut them by hand.

I have been using it for coffee beans, nuts and hard spices, soups, and of course mixed drinks. I find that using larger ice cubes do not work as well, you need to actually buy ice from the store because it is smaller and easier to crush.

I also use it to make protein and yogurt shakes and they have turned out great. If you are using frozen fruit, it has to be small, and it also depends on what kind of fruit you are using, the denser the fruit, the harder it is to chop.

I have yet to use the juice extractor, but was planning on giving it a whirl to get my 2-yr old to eat more veggies mixed with fruit to disguise them. It does make the job of home-made baby food very easy, and it is very easy to disguise the foods that they don't like.

I haven't tried the receipes, since I am not a receipe following person, I usually throw stuff together, and never measure anything.

I do agree that the storage of all of the components is quite large, but I just keep the unit itself on the counter and the rest in a deep drawer. The clean-up of this is great as well, just rinse and put in the dishwasher.

It is a great addition to my kitchen devices and since I have burnt out many blenders, this was cheaper by a long shot than the ones I was buying, but we shall see how long it lasts.

I also don't know if I would cook anything in the plastic containers, since cooking food in plastic in the microwave is not recomended because of the chemicals that are given off when the plastic is heated.

That is my 2 cents for what it is worth. Don't spend the money if you think this will take over all of the kitchen gadgets you have, cause it wont. Also buy it at a store rather than from the website or by phone, it's cheaper that way.

Oh, they also have a 4-yr service agreement that you can pay extra for to get parts if it breaks....not sure if it is worth it or not, so I didn't opt for it.

Hope this helps.

Posted by e_monk on January 09th, 2008

FrosT I understand your POV on the cookbook and agree with it one one standpoint(of my own) cookbooks or *other pamflits(sp) hock'd on an infomercial/comercial just doesn't cut the mustard as far as I'm concerned.

As for the mechanical stoutness of the base.... well... as an adult I was alert to its "Made in China" death-curse. I got about 1.25 yrs of use out of it; stepson (12 y/o) got 1.5 breakfast drink mornings out of it. This was the second breakfast drink to be... he ground the drive wheels teeth off this morning before he was done. I figured I'd google to see if its repairable or what have you. Yeeesh!

other then ebay looks like its headed for the recycling bin in its very near future.

We too have a blender thats at least 5 yrs old that I'll be returning to use daily today. The only item I've had to replace on it? O-ring. LOL (it got cooked in the dishwasher.)

Admittedly I did have to figure-out a little oddity involving its pressure engagement of the drive unit early on....

later gator.
electryc monk

Posted by uwish on March 12th, 2008

Most of the stuff sold through TV infomercials is generally rubbish and with the 'Magic Bullet' as no exception. Goods are generally overpriced and are made to a pricepoint. They have to pay for the ads, airtime etc etc so how much do you think they actually pay for these things ? Generally lets you know when a few months down the track they are offering two for one! Let me offer some advise, either don't buy this garbage or wait until they DO offer two for one and keep the second one in the cupboard for spares.

Posted by blackcat69 on July 04th, 2008

I've had the Bullet for over 4 years and still LOVE it. I use the recipes provided (in both cookbooks) and make great soups, spaghetti dinners, smoothies, etc; and I haven't had to replace any items yet. It doesn't take much space if you stack the cups and place all of the lids in a rubbermaid type container. Also, personally, I'll quarter an onion before chopping one any day, but you can also use boiler onions or pearl onions and cherry tomatoes and you won't be pulling out your cutting board at all!




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