Manage Your Time with Google Calendar

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Manage Your Time with Google Calendar
by FrosT

Today David turned me onto Google Calendar. I was not too thrilled about it at first, until I figured out that you can have your friends calendar display on your calendar page. Google Calendar will hopefully be a very useful tool for me to not only keep track of projects but hopefully remember everything that I have to do for the day and week. Here is some insight on Google Calendar.

Features of Google Calendar
The list of features is strictly the ones that I have found/seen. To find out all of the real features visit Google.

  • Easy to Add Events

  • Import from Other Calendar Programs

  • Share your Calendar with Friends

  • View your Friends calendar

  • Multiple Calendars IE: One Private one Public etc.

  • Access your Calendar from Any PC with Internet Connection

  • Mobile Alerts via Cellphone or Email

  • Daily e-mailing of your Agenda for that Day

  • Those are just a few features that Google Calendar offers. Pretty amazing if you ask me. I have been waiting for an application such as Google Calendars for a long time!

    Keeping Track of Time
    I just now went in and populated my Google Calendar with events for the next 3 months. This way if a friend needs to know if I am busy on lets say the 16th of April, well heck they can check for themselves! No need to waste cellphone minutes calling me. Google Calendars also helps me know where I need to be at a specific time. If I am at the Library and I need to know what else I need to do that day well I just have to goto Google Calendars and viola. I have my calendar right there!

    I am hoping that when I get a new cellphone it will be a PDA phone with WiFi so I can easily check my calendar and add events. Hopefully by that time Google Calendar will be able to Sync upto PDA's (it may be able to already).

    Ending Notes
    If you have not already checked out Google Calendars I suggest you do so right now I gurantee Google Calendars will not be a waste of your time. If you would like to see my Calendar Events, be my guest and request my Calendar. Who knows in the future we may create a Public Calendar for Aeonity!

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    Posted by frost on April 13th, 2006

    They already havn't? lol


    Posted by anvil on April 13th, 2006

    "A large transport vehicle designed to be hauled by a truck or tractor"
    ^That definition describes ours pretty well. Haha.
    Google calendars sound pretty cool, but the only things I have to keep track of are school assignments. I'll remember it for when I'm too busy to have everything in an agenda.

    Posted by anonymous on April 13th, 2006

    Google, little by little...I'm starting to dispise it.




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