Marriott Hotel Get the Composite HDMI VGA Jack Pack to Work

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I stay at the Ft. Collins Colorado Marriott Hotel when I travel. Throughout my travels I have had a hit or miss with the TV and Marriott's "Jack Pack" which has Composite / VGA / HDMI inputs to go to the TV. This is to make hooking up your own electronics (such as a DVD Player) easier to do. Unfortunately, it seems the system is still buggy and likes to lock you out. This can be very annoying and disheartening if you were looking forward to watching your own media. Fortunately, I have found some great information on how to get past this annoyance of a hit or miss depending on your room. Well look no further, here is the much needed information to get your Computer / Laptop / Media Player / DVD Player / Wii / PS3 / XBox / XBox 360 to work in your Marriott Hotel room using their Jack Pack panel.

Jack Pack Panel Picture

The concept is rather simple, turn the TV on. Get out of the On Command menu (click Channel Up). You should be on Channel 2 or something similar. From here, Enter a Channel between 90-96. These are the channels set aside for the Jack Pack, you should be able to find the general input Channels (AV1 AV2 HDMI Composite DVI) etc. And it should pull up the right connection when you go to it! If that fails, check the side of the TV for the AV2 inputs etc and you should be able to directly connect to those (pending if the Marriott Hotel has them locked down, the Ft. Collins Marriott does not). And viola, you should be able to watch your own media!

Hope this helps you out, it sure helped me out and took me a long time to find this information. If you have questions or extra tips, please add a comment!

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Posted by anonymous on May 11th, 2011

Thanks for the info I also found that you can take theback off the set and using a screwdriver or a knife there is a switch on the right side that's right if your standing on the speaker side of the unit this switches the unit to aux then I can plug in snows reel to reel 1 inch video machine and bingo it's all done

Posted by anonymous on May 26th, 2011

@anonymous 5/11/2011: Yes, but this was is much less intrusive and does not require potentially damaging the TV.

Thanks for the information Frost, I been trying to figure that out for a very very very long time!

Posted by anonymous on November 22nd, 2011

Thanks for that I have also found that if you carefully pry the back of the tv off you can get to the main video board then poke your cable into socket marked danger high voltage (that's just to put you off) the plug that direct into your xbox or other media and whoosh your off and running

Posted by anonymous on June 14th, 2012

Using a pixel cream on the screen makes the image much bigger and gives great 3d effect
Works on most tvs




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