New HighSpeed DSL InternetConnection Speeds Coming

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New HighSpeed DSL Internet Connection Speeds Coming!
by FrosT

Recently I have been having some issues with Qwest, a phone, tv and highspeed provider in my area. Until I called the other day and FINALLY got someone to explain to me what was going on. Well the nice lady cleared it all up for me and Qwest is on my sorta good side again. I say sorta because I hate the lack of information they gave me the past 8 times calling. It took 9 times for someone to clear up the situation to me. Horrible customer service if you ask me. Anyways despite their downfalls I am sticking with them, let me explain why.

$10 more for 7x the speed!
Yep for $10 more a month I get 7x my current DSL speed, well approximatley. Currently I have 1.5mbps down and 1mbps upload speed. How do I know for sure? DSL Reports which tells you how fast your current internet connection is. Well my new download speed will be 7mbps. Yes you heard me correctly, 7mbps for only $10 more a month! How awesome is that. Because of this deal I decided to stay with qwest a tad longer becase they give you awesome 1mbps upload speed instead of Comcast's 45KB/sec upload speed.

7x The HighSpeed Connection Speed!
How can you beat that? That is awesome I am soo stoked about the new HighSpeeds I will get by upgrading my current HighSpeed DSL Connection. Hopefully Qwest gets better customer service and does not screw up as bad as they did last time. Stupid Qwest. At anyrate I guess that makes me stupid for staying with them for my HighSpeed internet provider. I hope this next year of my HighSpeed internet works out better than last years. With the cancelation of my online rental I end up saving $5 a month for 7mbps MORE SPEEED!

New HighSpeed Connection New HDD?
Well it looks like I will need to get myself a bigger 300 GIG Harddrive for my new highspeed connection. As currently my 300 gigs is completely full! I am on the market for a new Harddrive for my awesome 7mbps HighSpeed DSL internet connection! If you find any deals or get credit for selling a 300gig Harddrive let me know. I may be willing to work with you! I will not be in the market till after the middle of February for a new 300 Gig harddrive to acompany my new HighSpeed DSL Internet Connection!!

Ending Notes
7mbps HighSpeed DSL Connection, need I say more? I AM STOKED about this new DSL HighSpeed Internet Connection from Qwest HighSpeed DSL Internet Connection

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Posted by ringlet on January 28th, 2006

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

I just wanted to tell you that your one post, 5 Tips to Staying Healthy, has really helped me. I read what you wrote about self-pity and just getting up and doing stuff, and I took your advice. Even though I had a few lows this week, I was able to bounce back up and most of the time maintain an almost happy, balanced mood. Way better than I've been doing since August, which was an almost constant low. =P

Maybe I just needed to hear it from someone who went through something similar. I pretty much just kept myself busy with little things, helped people out more, and finally got myself to stop dwelling on all my problems and what people have said to me. I think that's one of my problems; I think way too much.

I feel like I'm writing a book review or something. o_O

Posted by not_there on January 29th, 2006

frost, no one can comment on sky_lines_ blog.. it's weird..


Posted by anonymous on October 10th, 2013

I see, I suopspe that would have to be the case.




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