No good at cooking

KeyWords: Brown like poo!

Well today I tried to cook...for probably my first time. Well the instructions said heat the oil medium to high heat and keep it there until hot. So I do that and when it gets hot I added some Pork Loin Chops breaded with flour.

Well Let's say that the oil was way too hot and pretty much immediatly burned the flour. It also made the house way smoky. So after the allocated time of it being cooked, I tried it It was not the worst but it did suck. Not much flavor at all. I guess if you like well done you would of loved it =)

But yea, I am going to try and cook some more stuff so I can cook when I am on my own. Anyhow =)


Posted by frost on Aug 26th, 2004 21:21 - Subscribe Bookmark and Share

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