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Well since this is the language Aeonity Blog is coded in I thought I would share my insight on why we chose PHP (Pre Hyper-Text Processing) to code Aeonity Blog in. There are many benefits in chosing the right programming language for any website. You just have to know what your website's purpose is and out way the pro's vs the cons. I will go through why Aeonity Blog chose the PHP Programming language.

First of all PHP is free and open source. Open Source simply means that anyone can add and modify the php code. The advantage to having an open source code is that bugs are fixed faster, easier, and by highly skilled programmers. Open source code is always getting back what they give to the community. In turn they get their software better running, cleaner, more efficient with less vunerabilities and exploits.

PHP is a very powerful programming language. PHP was derived from a more powerful language, PERL. With the speed of PHP and the very low-end cost it made PHP the best choice for Aeonity's Free Blog Community. PHP ties into MySQL very easily and efficiently. MySQL is also free software for non-commercial use. With the help of PHP and MySQL Aeonity Blog is as efficient and as fast as it is.

Just remember if you ever need help with a PHP program or script that you are creating, just let me know. I am a master at PHP, but that is not as far as my skills reach. I know C++, PHP, VB, VB .NET, J#, C#, Java, JScript, ASP, ASP .NET, C, PERL, and just about any other language you can throw at me. I love programming for a hobby. I also love challenging scripts. If you have an idea but know nothing about coding it, talk to me. I am always up for new ideas to implement.

I will be posting some code snippets in the near future that I have found to be helpful in my years of coding.

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PHP Rules

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thats cool i am i would say petty good at PHP here is a site i made using php/mysql
login: demo1 pass: demo
i am always updating it




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