Pidgin Issues with GMail and GMail Hosted

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Recently I have been plagued by a “Not Authorized” error message using Pidgin IM (OS is CrunchBang Statler / Debian Based). This has been bugging me as it came and went without any real reason. Well after some digging it appears that the error is caused by logging into a Google Service, while at the same time connected to Pidgin over Google Talk. The Service I was connecting to was Google Voice. The weirdness was, I have multiple Google Hosted accounts (own a lot of domains). I have the emails forwarding, and I wanted to port my old Mobile Number to Google Voice, but not have that number associated with my current Google Voice Number / Account (IE I just wanted it for voice mails). As such, I assigned it to one of these “forwarding” accounts, which just so happened to be my Pidgin account.

Well to fix the Not Authorized issue with Pidgin and Google Talk, I just had to login to my Google Hosted GMail site and type in the “Verification” code and then surprise, my Pidgin GTalk account worked like a champ. Before finding this out, I did try a number of "SSL Ports" and unchecking / checking options. In the end it was none of that. Just as extra information, my Pidgin Settings for Google Hosted are as follows:

Basic Tab
Resource: Home
Local Alias: frost

Advanced Tab:
Require SSL/TLS - Unchecked
Force Old (port 5223) SSL - Checked
Allow Plaintext... - Unchecked
Connect Port: 443
Conect server:
File transfer proxies:
Show Custom Smileys - Unchecked

After all that it works now, except when I decide to manage my Google Voice account. I may dig into this deeper later to figure out if Google has a setting to prevent the “Not Authorized” Error from occuring.

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