Porting Mobile Number to Google Voice

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Well today I ported my T-Mobile Pay-as-You Go phone number to Google Voice which is a free "voice" service offered by Google. I was not hesitant on this phone number since it is one that all I really care to get is Voicemails on. As, most people know, Google Voice has a major limitation...no MMS text messages. The process to port my number was not too bad, but Google makes you go through about 10 check boxes alerting you of cancellation fees and how long you could be without service etc. As this was a pay as you go phone number, I was not worried about cancellation fees as there should not be any.

After all those check boxes and agreeing to Googles Terms it finally took me to the account information, where I had to add in all of my account details for the T-Mobile Pay-as-you Go phone number. Once you get that information correct, it took you to the payment. I paid the $20 by credit card. And now it is just the waiting game.

Porting my Pay-as-you Go number to Google Voice was not a hard process, but did take about 5-10 minutes for me to complete, given the information needed (and that Google Voice had to connect to the phone number in question). However, to be able to get my voicemails without having to buy minutes anymore will be an excellent deal, which is what I was after. If you are in need of a new number, perhaps Google Voice is what you are looking for and you should take a swing by there to check it ou!

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