Reliable Denver Colorado Mortgage Broker

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Reliable Denver Colorado Mortgage Broker
by FrosT

Recently Lyndsey and I bought our first home. In doing this we faced many new faces and talked with many people. Out of everyone that helped us through this process it would not have been nearly as painless if we did not have the help of Rod Shuster from Clarion Mortgage Company.

Finding a Reliable Mortgage Broker in Colorado
When we started with our home buying process I did not know where to even start looking for a reliable and honest mortgage broker. In light I took of by googling many keywords without any success. Finally when I was talking with my Brother-in-law, Leif, he told me of Rod Shuster, which we helped him out by installing his security system. He gave Rod a call and gave me his number. Rod was more than happy to help me out and was always upfront and honest. Lucky for me I received this lucky break through my brother-in-law which meant I did not have to go with a person whom I could not trust to be honest with me.

Colorado Mortgage Broker
Rod is a mortgage broker located in Colorado. Rod, a Colorado Mortgage Broker, strictly works off of referrals, which also shows me that he would not try to scam anyone like so many other people have been scammed. If he did, than obviously Rod would not be in business for very long. Whether you live in Lakewood, Denver, Littleton or other many cities in Colorado, Rod, a Reliable Colorado Mortgage Broker, can help you through the painstaking process of purchasing a home. Along with being very reliable Rod was more than willing to explain any part of the mortgage that we had questions on and even gave us great tips about buying a house that we would not have known to do otherwise. For example when drafting up the contract Rod suggested that we higher a Real Estate Broker just for the paper work. A very wise suggestion which the seller, Lyndsey and I all agreed that would be better in the long run. In return to providing us with a mortgage he also made sure that Lyndsey and I would not get taken advantage of or end up kicking ourselves in the butt over the contract not being drafted up correctly.

Rod Shuster, Reliable Colorado Mortgage Broker
Rod Shuster, has proven to Lyndsey and I that Rod is a very reliable and trustworthy mortgage broker for the Colorado area. Through his knowledge and his actions we will definitely contact Rod Shuster, a reliable Colorado mortgage broker, for any more our home buying ventures. If you are looking for a great and reliable Colorado Mortgage Broker, I would highly recommend Rodney Shuster. Just give him a call at (303) 660-4210 or shoot him an email rod [-@-] shusterinc [-dot-] com. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with Rod Shuster, a Reliable Colorado Mortgage Broker.

Ending Notes
While Lyndsey and I were at the closing yesterday signing the paperwork the lady from Security Title and Kevin White, our Real Estate broker, both made a very high statement about Rod Shuster and the way he works. Kevin stated that Rod kept him in the loop every step of the process and he was never in the dark on any part of our mortgage process. The lady from Security Title agreed and said she did not even doubt that the paperwork would be there on time and properly filled out. After all of this Lyndsey and I are very appreciative of Rod Shuster, a Reliable Colorado Mortgage Broker, for being the person he is and being upfront and honest with us every step of the way. Thank you Rod Shuster.

If you would like to talk with me about Rod Shuster feel free to call me at (720) 984-9780 (Jim Worthen)

Rodney Shuster
rod [-@-] shusterinc [-dot-] com
(303) 660-4210
Reliable Colorado Mortgage Broker

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