Rest In Peace

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I am feeling a lot better then I have been all day. Stopped crying as much, I still cry when I read the poem. But not as bad as I used to!

I am just writing this kind of like a final statement to my dog.

Dear Gus,

Rest in Peace my friend, I wish it would of never came to an end. I will always love you, as you will always love me. I hope you passed through freely, and I will see you again on the other side.

You never complained about me, you were always joyful. You brought joy to this household, even in the gloomiest of times. Now that joy is gone, but it will always live on through our memories of you. You were my brother, and my friend. I am sorry it came to an end.

Rest in Peace Gus. We will meet again!

Love, your best friend
James A Worthen

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