The Rib - Great Lakewood Colorado BBQ

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The Rib - Great Denver Colorado BBQ
by FrosT

This review was done a long time ago, back when The Rib was actually a good place to eat at. Having gone there only a handful of times in the past year or two, the service and food have gone down hill due to an apparent change of ownership. It is too bad as it used to be great BBQ, but I can no longer recommend them anymore. Thank you for reading!

For the past year I have been eating at an awesome BBQ joint in Lakewood Colorado. The Rib is located off of Jewell and Garrison ST. If you are ever in the Lakewood Colorado area I would highly suggest The Rib a great small time BBQ joint.

The Rib: Chicken
For the longest time I would only eat their Chopped Beef or Ribs. Little did I know the chicken their is awesome and you get a lot for a little. The Rib BBQ gives you a half of a small chicken, breast, leg and all for $5.00 that also comes with awesome Garlic Toast. Cooked almost to perfection this moist and tender chicken is great with The Ribs BBQ Sauce. If you like chicken I would highly suggest getting the Chicken and Toast from the Ribs menu.

The Rib: Chopped Beef
Chopped Beef is what the Rib is known for. The Rib makes an awesome Chopped Beef sandwhich. One that cannot be beat. The Rib's BBQ sauce goes great with their chopped beef and just adds an even better taste. Although you do not need to add the Ribs BBQ sauce to enjoy their chopped beef, like other places.

The Ribs Chopped Beef special comes with a drink, a side and the chopped beef sandwhich for around $5.00.

The Rib: Ribs
The Rib also has great tasting Ribs as you might expect. For $6.00 you get alot of ribs that would cost you $20.00 at a normal resturant. The Ribs Pork Ribs are delicious and great with or without BBQ sauce. The Rib's Ribs come with Toast also that is another major plus as I love their Toast! If you choose the Ribs prepare to get down right and dirty as this is a messy meal, but worth every bit of the mess!

The Rib: 1/2 LB Cheese Burger
The Rib also serves Hamburgers. Their Cheese burger was better than what you would get at McDonald's, but does not compete with their Chopped Beef. They are good hamburgers and was great for a change up, but I would only eat it maybe times a year. The Rib's hamburgers just did not do the trick for me. Stick to Lonestar.

The Rib: Sides
The rib has a wide selection of sides that include: coleslaw, french fries, potatoe salad, beans, applesauce and macoroni salad. My favorite has to be the Rib's beans. Cooked almost to perfection these beans cannot be beat. Add a little bit of the Rib's BBQ sauce and you are in heaven. I would highly suggest getting the Rib's beans for your side, you will not be dissapointed.

Ending Notes
The Ribs Menu goes well beyond what I posted here. I only posted the objects I have eaten. For the price the Rib cannot be beat. I just hope they stay a small family owned business as their food is awesome!

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Posted by david on April 17th, 2006

Gangsta, I will hold you to this when I fly in to Colorado next month.

Posted by frost on April 17th, 2006

The hard part will be deciding what you want =P


Posted by david on April 17th, 2006

Urm, BBQ is a great start on what I want. happy.gif Good eatin'.

Posted by anonymous on November 30th, 2007

Don't forget about The Rib's hot links. They are my favorite!!!!!

Posted by anonymous on October 14th, 2010

i used to go here years ago, new management or something now. What a dissappointment - last meal here was REALLY bad - greasy tasteless, BBQ in the grocery freezer is better

Posted by frost on June 07th, 2011

@ anonymous on October 14th, 2010

I would tend to agree. It has gone down hill and I can cook better BBQ then the people running it now. It is a shame.




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