Rugby for FrosT

Well thanks to my wonderful fiance, Lyndsey, I maybe joining a Rugby team. Tonight is my first pratice for this team. Denver Highlanders is the team I will be practicing with tonight. I am excited and nervous. I have not played Rugby for about 3 years now. It has been a while. It is a great and fun sport. It will just be a challenge for me because I am the silent in the box type of guys. It is very hard for me to go into very social situations because I just do not know how to act.

Maybe if I knew it would not be so hard. But I will basically be practicing with 20 guys I have never known before. Kinda scary and what not. If I want to get in shape and get rid of my fat this is what needs to happen. I just hope that I will want to go back for the spring season and during the off season I can keep my body built up with weight lifting and running. I hope, I am not too good at keeping at one thing.

If you have never tried Rugby, I would suggest you try it. This sport is great to take out your frustrations of life on. If someone cheap shots ya, you just take a number and get even later. With the kleeting and the hitting that is what makes Rugby a gentleman sport =)


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