Rugby Match Last Night

There was a Rugby Match yestarday. I got to play for like 25 minutes on the B team. It is funny because in Rugby I like to be a winger, but it seems everytime I play I get put into the Fullback position. It is funny because the same thing happened in HighSchool.

I guess I was suppose to be a fullback or something. At anyrate I got little action (full backs rarely do unless they are really fast...which I am not). So hopefully this is not an on going trend, if it is oh well. I do not like the fullback position because of the following:

If they have a breakaway it is only you to stop them. If you fail it is your fault.

You stand around half the time waiting for something to happen and if it does it goes back to the breakaway point.

That is really why I do not care to play the Fullback. That and Fullback's usually are good kickers, I am not that great of a kicker. But anyhow I better get going.


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