Safehome Inspection - Quality Home Inspections in Denver Colorado

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Safehome Inspection - Quality Home Inspections in Denver Colorado
by FrosT

Well we are in the midst of buying a house and with a contract in place it was time to do a Home Inspection to make sure there were no hidden hazards in the house that should be taken care of before we purchase the house. Well Tony Siegert of Safehome Inspections performed our home inspection, well the results were better than anticipated.

Initial Greeting
When Tony arrived he provided us with a packet including a survey to fill out after the inspection, candy, and mold/radon information packets. After the introductions had taken place Tony, Lyndsey and I ventured into the house to get started on the Home Inspection performed by Safehome Inspections. Tony took the time to explain the process he generally goes through when doing an inspection and gave us a detailed background of his experience and his love for the job of inspecting homes. Tony Siegert has 3 years of Home Inspections under his belt plus 8 or so years of doing remodeling/contract work on homes.

The 8 years of remodeling gives him more credibility as he can honestly tell you items that need to be fixed and the difficulty level/seriousness of the flaw in the house. While giving building tips throughout the inspection Tony did not hesitate to thoroughly explain and answer any and all questions we provided him with. Well after that initial discussion we started with the 2nd level floor.

2nd Level Floor
The 2nd level floor of our new house is very important as that is the main living space where our office and the master bedroom will reside. Tony first went through all the bedrooms briefly looking for cracks and other such hazards. On the good side no major cracking had happened on the upstairs floor. Although there was a fire hazard with a light fixture in the closets, he explained the hazard and told us three separate solutions that would solve that hazard, keeping our options open. After going through each bedroom briefly we ventured into the attic. I went up there with Tony and he pointed out that there was no mold, which means the roof is in good standing condition and is not leaking. Although we needed more insulation the attic looked great.

Now that we know the roof and attic are in good condition with no mold or signs of leak we went back to each bedroom to take pictures and do a more thorough examination. Next he inspected the window seals and vents in each bedroom. The windows were aluminum which can be undesirable as they do not keep the cold out or heat in but they were reinforced with a storm window which tells us there is no need to replace the window seals.

Now it is onto the bathrooms. The hall bathroom looked decent with the exception of needing caulking, the linoleum replaced and needing shutoff valves installed it looked fine. The master bathroom was another story. There was a lot of water damage due to the shower door not being closed, old gaskets for the toilet that need to be replaced, which is fine as those two bathrooms are back to back we are going to plan on tearing down the dividing wall and combining the two bathrooms to make one big master bathroom. Tony agreed that it would be best due to the extensive damage in the master bathroom from that shower. Well now that we thoroughly inspected the 2nd level of the home it was time to move to the main living area.

Main Living Area
Walking down the stairs it was noted that we needed to provide rail guards as there were spots without them above 36" tall. After that Tony walked around the living room inspecting the vents, windows and walls. The walls had minor cracking that are not of any real concern. One window had a small crack in it that will eventually need to be replaced. Other than those minor details the living area looked decent. Now it was onto the Main area bathroom.

This bathroom actually had a shutoff valve which was good, but needed to be tightened as it was leaking anytime it was touched. After replacing the linoleum and doing a few touchups this bathroom will be in a good working condition. Now onto the Kitchen!

The Kitchen needs quite a bit of work done. First of all it holds the washer and dryer, which is fine and up to code but Lyndsey and I would prefer them to be downstairs in an unfinished bedroom. The cabinets are in pretty bad shape and are broken, Tony suggested we go to a spot on Wadsworth and 70th (or 77th) where people give their old cabinets away and any profits made from that goes straight to habitat for humanity. I am glad he informed us about that as that may be able to save us a lot of money. Tony than inspected the sink and noted a few links and suggested a few changes that will make the sink work a lot better. The counter tops were good and are not in need of immediate action. The floor in the kitchen was tile which was broken up in a lot of places. We are planning on replacing that with hardwood floor anyhow and Tony noted that underneath the tiles the floor is very sturdy. Now onto the Patio!

The Patio
Tony inspected the Patio and pointed out a few changes that need to be made. First of all the swamp cooler (which we are going to get rid of) is blocking the power box which can be very dangerous. The next was the natural gas pipe that was put there for a grill/stove. It needs to be either mounted to the house or removed completely. I think we will just remove the pipe for now until we figure out what we want to do with the patio on the house. The fence looked in good working condition and the overhang looked structurally sound also. Although the dryer vent was very dirty everything else looked good.

The Basement
The basement will have the 2nd most work needed to be done aside from the kitchen. In the family room area the ceiling will need to be replaced as there was extensive water damage done at some point in time. That job should not be too much work just getting the drywall and cutting out the old drywall. Cables will need to be fished through the walls because I want them that way.

The next room was the water heater/furnace. The water heater is brand new but had a pipe that was slanted which should be sticking straight down going into the drain, a potential safety hazard. The furnace needed to be cleaned and someone to come and set the settings for proper use as there was some scorching going on. There were no gas leaks which is a huge plus. Also the current door needs to be replaced with a door that was better ventilation for the furnace to work better.

The bedroom in the basement was recently finished and looked great; there were no real flaws with this bedroom at all. The other "bedroom" is unfinished which is good because that will be the new laundry room. While in the furnace room Tony pointed out that the dryer vent was disconnected there, which needs to be replaced. The location of where the vent comes out is very ideal especially since Lyndsey and I want to move the washer and drying into that unfinished room. It will make that processes much easier. After showing us a few tips for when we move the washer and dryer down into the basement we moved onto the basement bathroom.

The shower will need some work. One wall has extensive water damage and will need to be replaced. The flooring is good, it just needs to be cleaned up and have some caulking done. The shower door needs to be raised a few inches instead of being level with the ground. The sink and toilet looked fine and worked fine with the same theme and fixes as the other bathrooms.

Ending Notes
Tony Siegert from Safehome Inspections did an awesome job for our home inspection of our first home. Should we buy another home I will definitely contact Tony from Safehome Inspections to be the man to inspect our home. I highly recommend Tony because he is very passionate about his job and it really shows in the quality of the inspection. Thanks Tony for helping us be re-assured about our new Townhome.

Safehome Inspection
Tony's information:
info [-at-] safehomeinspection [-dot-] com
Phone: (720) 939-8669

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