Safeway's Delicious Deli Sandwhichs

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Safeway's Delicious Deli Sandwhichs
by FrosT

Last night I needed to drop off a pair of pants at the dry cleaners and pick up some food for dinner since I was fending for myself. Wanting some Ice cream I decided to just pick up some dinner from Safeway. Well here is how dinner from Safeway went.

Safeway Deli Sandwhich's
After browsing Safeway for about 15 minutes getting some Ben and Jerry's Ice cream, TGI Fridays Potatoe Chips and new Coca Cola Blak, I needed to get my dinner. I saw a sign that said, "Safeway Deli Sandwhichs" after reviewing the menu I ordered the Cold Prime Rib deli sandwhich for $5.99. For the price they gave you a lot of meat on this great sandwhich. Once I had the sandwhich it was time to head home.

Dinner from Safeway at Home
When I got home I sat down and played Counter-Strike: Source for a little while before I ate my sandwhich. After I was done plaing Counter-Strike: Source I ate the deli Cold Prime Rib sandwhich from Safeway. It was 100times better than I thought it would be. Alot better than Quizno's. I enjoyed every bite. For the price of the Safeway Deli Cold Prime Rib Sandwhich, I could not have done better to satisfy my stomache.

Ending Notes
If you are looking for a decent sandwhich made fresh for you than Safeway's Deli Sandwhichs are for you. With a reasonable price and great taste these sandwhichs are had to pass up from Safeway. Remember next time you are at Safeway, their fresh deli sandwhichs are top of the line.

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Posted by anonymous on July 22nd, 2007

Hahaha, I work at Safeway and yet, I play CSS too.. haha..

Posted by anonymous on September 25th, 2007

lol i work in a safeway deli, i play cs 1.6 cause i actually got skill. I also make the best fuckin sandwiches

Posted by anonymous on April 09th, 2009

i don't play those games but i do work in the deli and i have the highest number of sales because of me and the way i set things up and a lot of customers ask for me to make there sandwhiches because i am the fastest and most effecient sandwhich maker in the business




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