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Comcast recently made a news release that it will be pulling the plug on Bit torrent seeding ports. What this means is that the Linux community is going to take a huge hit from not having their distributions seeded, plus many other free based companies that do not receive any profits from their products.

As such I took action by visiting
Save the Net
and told My Story on why Comcast should not do this.

So go ahead and tell your story. Help us save the internet from being crippled by ISP companies such as Comcast and AT&T! Speak up!

Here is my story from the above link:

Bit Torrent traffic is not all illegal. A lot of us help out the Linux community and other Open source free software communities by seeding legal software distributions which in return saves them bandwidth. Having this stupid logic in place prevents great feats like that from happening and will basically shut down the Linux community as no one can afford to buy hosting for as much traffic as they bring in.

Stop trying to take control of the internet, I will be looking into a new company to take my money and not limit me. Thanks Comcast for making not want to give you my money anymore. I sure as hell wasted my time and money by switching from DSL.

Posted by frost on Aug 23rd, 2007 21:31 - Subscribe Bookmark and Share

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Posted by sg88 on September 20th, 2007

Hey! Thanks for commenting on my nominations! wink.gif Too bad ur not a fan.. LOL! wink.gif Take Care! grin.gif --Sara

Posted by anonymous on September 21st, 2007

Good job Frost. Keep up the good Fight.

Posted by fishy on September 22nd, 2007

Thank you for the welcome frost. I really welcome it. Without your post i wouldn't have even known about comcast. Well done on the response. Good Luck,


Posted by anonymous on November 30th, 2007


Posted by anonymous on August 05th, 2008

"Bit Torrent traffic is not all illegal."
That's like saying not all people who have looked at child porn are pedofiles.

If torrents we're taking down at least 70% of all warez would be eliminated. PROVE ME WRONG.

Or at least they could just block the sites that host torrents for illegal material knowingly and do nothing about it.

Posted by anonymous on August 06th, 2008


Posted by frost on August 21st, 2008

Reply to August 5th:

So now we are pedophiles? lol Apples and oranges dude. If torrents were taken down, people would find other ways to traffic warez.

Bit torrents do help out many corporations by providing a low-bandwidth means of getting their software out there LEGALLY. Just because others abuse the network does not mean it should be shut down. As far as the sites out there that knowingly host illegal software, I agree they should be shutdown.

It is exactly like saying, "Oh that murderer used a knife made by x-company, x-company is to blame for him killing the victim." People make the choices to do the illegal part.

But you cannot deny that Bit Torrent's are a great tool for Open-Source and low income corporations who want to save money legally.

Posted by anonymous on May 08th, 2009

Go to YouTube and type Jay Rockefeller in the search field. The senator from WV has introduced two bills to shut down the internet for of course "National Security" purposes. He even says that "the internet should never have existed". The reasons he sites as "security threats" are not only false and ridiculous but insulting.

Alternative news on the web is fast becoming THE ONLY PLACE to get actual news! He knows it, anybody engaged knows it. Plus sites like YouTube are a great source of news clips, cspan clips, and documentary media for politicos and activists. The Net is also giving the few good souls in Congress like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich an avenue to raise money and awareness about whats really going on in Washington.

I think Rockefeller sees the support Paul and Kucinich are getting for monetary reform and abolishing the private Federal Reserve (which the Rockefeller family helped create and are significant shareholders of) and how the public is becoming aware of how insanely criminal the banking system, and the financial and corporate elite are. The "security threat" he refers to is really the threat an informed public is to the elite power structure. Go to while you still can, Alex Jones has been talking about the end of the internet for over a year now and he's right again.

PLEASE CALL your district House Representative and both of your Senators and urge them NOT TO SUPPORT BILLS HR 778 and 773 introduced by "Jay" (which is really short for J.D. or John David) Rockefeller, and while you have them on the line urge them to SUPPORT THE BILL HR 1207 introduced by Ron Paul (with 134 co-sponsors and growing) which will finally allow Congress to have complete access and audit of the Federal Reserve. Call your state Representatives and Senators as well and make them aware of these bills and to support their federal counterparts anyway they can at the state level. A LOT MORE IS AT STAKE THAN THE INTERNET!


Posted by anonymous on May 14th, 2009

Check out the web site, run by, for the truth about Comcast and a possible alternative.

Posted by dawwwd3000 on July 15th, 2009

good program

Posted by anonymous on September 06th, 2009





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