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Search Engine Optimization - SEO
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Search Engine Optimization is the key to any kind of site that actually wants users or viewers. In this entry I am goign to explain some of Aeonity Blog's tacticts to get Aeonity Users free blogs listed at the top of almost any search engine. This information is to be used at your own free will. We hope you use it to improve your free blogs to increase Aeonity Blog's users and unique users who view your own free blog.

The majority of people who do Search Engine Optimization do not have any clue how to do it. To tell the truth it took us about 2 years to master our SEO skills. There are many articles, blogs and tutorials on Search Engine Optimization on the internet but all of them are different. They are all correct, but only give you partial information. The key to Search Engine Optimization is to combine them all.

The key to any website is content. The content of the website can make or break your Search Engine Optimization. If you have great Search Engine Optimization on the site but have no dynamic content or content that does not support the site you will no get ranked for what you want nor as high as you want to be. It is good to post new content at least 2 or 3 times daily and make sure the spiders can reach it from ANY page.

Which is the next step. You want to link pages to pages. This is so that when a search engine spider, spiders your site it keeps looping through your website or blog. This means that the spider gets your content more than once and more of it. For instance on everyone's blog we always link back to this is so that the spiders can keep going through other people's entries and gather that data for spidering.

Link backs are very useful and are necessary for Search Engine Optimization. The next part of Search Engine Optmization is to use keywords throughout your content. Using keywords throughout the whole post will show that your content matches your site or blog topic. For instance this post I use Search Engine Optmization a lot. I place it strategically through out this whole post to show that this post is strictly about Search Engine Optimization. This is in hope that the bots will show that my free aeonity blog is all about search engine optimization. Doing this will boost your sites rank because your content matches your site and your sites main keywords.

After we have taken care of the content, link backs, and using keywords through out your content the next step is promotion. You will not go very far without having other sites linking to you. This is where Pay-Per-Click campaigns can be very useful. The more sites that have you listed and link to you the better for Search Engine Optimization. This is due to the fact that if a spider goes to and they see a link to your site gets spidered that much more. This will indefinatley boost your Search Engine Optimization.

A warning to everyone out there, your content is everything for Search Engine Optimization. I hope I am getting this through. If you are listed as #1 on google for Free Blog, but you are not a free blog website. You are getting the wrong people. If I am trying to sell video cameras and I promote my site's content as free blog, because I know blogs are very popular, guess what? All I will get from that Search Engine Optimization is people looking for a place to host their free blog, not a place to buy video cameras. This is where a lot of poeple mess up their Search Engine Optimization. Post meaningful content that helps you attract the right people and not the wrong ones.

The last step for Search Engine Optimization is make your titles meaningful. Another major mistake done by webmasters and designers is putting useless information in the title bar. For example if I am going to and the title of the page is Jack The place for your Movies! Has nothing to do with Dare Devil does it? A better title would be Dare Devil Movie Theater Listings Review That would be a lot better title because it states the movie, that it is a movie and it also uses keywords that people generally use in reference to searching for movies. You can use Jack in side the site to define it, but listing the title of your site in the title is a major mistake. Another reason why listing the title of your site in the title is a mistake for Search Engine Optimization is is already in your search. Why do you need it again? Just something to think about for Search Engine Optimization.

That was FrosT's quick steps to creating good Search Engine Optimization for getting your free blog, website, forum or just for gathering E-Commerce sales. If you have any questions about Search Engine Optimization, how and what Aeonity Blog does to increase hits to your blog feel free to ask. I would love to answer questions on Aeonity's Free Blog Search Engine Optimization tactics. Let me know if this post helps you. Thanks.

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