Sketchers Shoe and Store Review

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Recently I acquired a pair of Sketchers Shoes from the Sketchers store at Colorado Mills in Golden, CO. I am a huge fan of Sketchers for a few reasons, my first is I really like their designs they just suit me. The second reason and perhaps the main reason; they have "WIDE" shoes available. The WIDE shoes that Sketchers offer I find much more comfortable for my feet, in other words, they actually have room to breathe. Let's dive a bit further into the shoes themselves.

Sketchers CityWalk Midnight

Comfort Levels of Sketchers
The new pair of Sketchers I bought are mildly comfortable. They are not nearly as comfortable as my older pair, probably because I bought them to look a bit nicer for work. After the first week of wearing them and breaking in my new shoes, they became quite a bit more comfortable to wear. It just took that initial time of wearing them to get them just right. Now I love those shoes, and it is too bad I want to keep them nice looking for work, because I only wear them to work and nothing else (unless a fancy dinner comes up). All in all the new Sketchers I bought were not very comfortable at first, but after breaking them in they have become much more comfortable to wear daily.

Price vs Value
The Price of the Sketchers that I paid was reasonable. They had a deal going on Buy One get the Second Half Off. Of course my wife was with me when I bought my shoes and I gave in and let her pick out a pair for her. So for around $70 we walked out with 2 new pair of Sketcher shoes. Hers are more relaxed wear, but she loves how comfortable hers are. So given that I paid roughly $35 for my shoes, I would say that we came off with a pretty good deal. I am not one to spend a ton of money on shoes, and I was pretty happy with that price. For the price, I would say I got a great value on my new pair of shoes.

Sketchers WIDE Fit
I am not seen many brands that make a "WIDE" shoe for fat feet. But before I started buying Sketchers, it seemed no matter what shoe I bought my big toes would end up being sore, even after they were broken in. This was annoying to say the least, as having sore toes are not fun. Then one day, I was looking at shoes and saw the Sketchers with the "WIDE" tag. I tried them on and just fell in love. Since then I have kept my eye out for "WIDE" shoes in different brands, like Nike's. And I have yet to really find a "WIDE" shoe that fits me as well as Sketchers and maintains a great Price to Value ratio.

Sketchers at the Colorado Mills Mall
The Sketchers store at the Colorado Mills, seemed a bit high priced to me. The higher prices could have been because the store was in the Mall. Luckily they had the Buy one Get one Half Off deal going on, or I probably would not have bought my shoes. The last Sketchers I bought, before these ones, I found at DSW Shoe Warehouse on Clearance for $30 or so. I probably just got lucky to find them there at the time, but that seemed very reasonable to me for a pair of shoes, so I bought them. I was sad to say that I did check out DSW Shoe Warehouse and other places before going to the Sketchers Store at the Colorado Mills Mall, and was unable to find a pair of Sketchers that I liked for a reasonable price. For comparison, the Sketchers Store at the Colorado Mills Mall was about the same price as the Sketchers at DSW Shoe Warehouse, not on clearance. My take, if you cannot find a good deal at another place, you might as well just go to the Sketchers Store and buy from them directly. However, if you are lucky enough to stumble upon a Pair of Sketchers on Clearance that suit you, you are probably better off buying them from that store.

Overall Satisfaction
Overall I am satisfied with my Sketchers purchase, not as satisfied as I was with my last pair, but still satisfied. Their comfort level is decent and the WIDE Sketchers are just awesome, given I do not get sore toes anymore. The Colorado Mills Mall Sketchers Store is not the cheapest place you can find Sketchers, but they do have deals that go on throughout the year, which may make your next pair a decent deal. Their stock may not be the best, but they had what I needed. So if you are in the Golden area and find yourself needing a new pair of shoes, go ahead and stop by the Sketchers Store at the Mills, who knows, you may find your next good pair of shoes there!

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