Spyware: Tips for Avoiding and Removing

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Spyware: Tips for Avoiding and Removing
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Spyware as anyone knows is software that spys, invades and can take anyones privacy and make it un-private. Spyware is horrible and almost impossible to remove. Once you are infected with Spyware there is little to no hope for you and your computer. Spyware was created by companies to strictly steal information from you for spamming. Spyware uses keyloggers, screen shots, and searches through your file system to steal your private information and use it for their own purposes.

That is why it is important to know preventative maintainence for Spyware. I have yet to see an article or blog on how to prevent your computer from getting spyware installed on it. If you, the user, understands how bad spyware is, know how to avoid it you will never need to remove a spyware program again. I speak from experience in that I have had only 1 spyware problem back when spyware first came out. First we will go over the symptoms of a machine that has spyware installed.

Symptoms of computer systems with spyware installed are as follows: Unusual pop-ups at random times (even when at a site such as Google); Search Homepage set to something other than what you defined IE search.com etc.; Slower computer performance, such as your computer running slower than usual; and unusual programs such as Error Guard, Bonzai Buddy, and many others that have been installed.

Spyware will kill your computers resources which in turn makes your internet and computer performance turn to below normal and just flat out crappy. There are many programs that are well known to carry spyware. Which is why the next step is How do you Recognize Spyware?

Recognizing and avoiding spyware bundled programs is not very hard to do. It takes a few minutes to check up on a piece of software to make sure there is no spyware bundled with that software. First thing you do is if the software has a trial period or is "free" software Google it. Chances are if there is spyware bundled with it someone else has posted on a forum, blog, or a review page stating that it is spyware. Simply type in the name of the program and spyware. For our example we will use Error Guard. I know this has a ton of spyware bundled with it.

If I were to go to Google and type in "Error Guard Spyware" you would notice the first few pages are forums, websites, and other information that clearly states Error Guard is completely spyware that will steal your privacy. With this information you know NOT to download and install Error Guard as it contains spyware.

At the opposite end of the pole if a software does not contain spyware chances are it will show up on download pages etc instead of anti-spyware sites. Let's use File Back PC for our example. If you Google "FileBack PC Spyware" you will find the results are not from spyware awareness pages. They are from a well trusted source, cnet downloads. Now I know there are generally more than one person who use a computer. That is why it is good to supply them with the information contained in this Spyware avoidance post and maybe even have a list somewhere near your computer that contains software with spyware bundled into them. This is a major step in preventing spyware from attacking a users privacy.

Just remember if you believe a piece of software has spyware...it probably does. You can always check with Google to make sure. The next step is removing spyware.

I know most people are going to hate this but there is really only 1 good way to remove spyware. A clean start or format to do the harddrive. Once spyware is on your computer it is almost impossible to remove. The reasoning for this is that you execute the program which pretty much gives this software the right to install anything, including spyware, onto your computer in any fashion they want. Most spyware attaches to the system. Once spyware is attached there it is impossible to remove the spyware without trying to do remove it for hours at a time.

There are many programs out their that can "get rid of spyware" but in order to do this you would need about 3 spyware remover programs from different companies. I would recommend Spybot Search & Destroy and AdAware. Those worked the best for my personal spyware removal. Despite the use of those two programs, the spyware was still on my system. Just a word to the wise save yourself some trouble and format.

Now that you have gotten rid of the spyware, just be spyware alert. Know what you are downloading and what other people are downloading. Research the software and inform other people using your computer. Spyware is not fun and can be a potential threat to your identity and privacy of your own computer. Know what sites you are going to do and make sure your computer is up to date. Take the necessary precautions can save you hours of trouble and protect your own privacy from spyware keyloggers and other privacy stealing spyware software.


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