System of a Down!

KeyWords: Red Yellow and Blue!

This was the best concert I have ever been to. We had to sit in the Suite seats, but it was freaking insane. They put on a badass show freakin 2 and a half hours of just System. It was awesome! If you ever get a chance to see system...DO IT!

Seriously even though we were not GA, it was still freaking awesome. Man that show was sooo good.

At anyrate the night started off weird. We went down to the Pepsi Center, (Robert and I) parked and got to the door. Showed the lady our tickets and she said we were GA. So we are like sweet and get in the GA line and showed the lady our ticket and she said go ahead. Well we made a stupid mistake and showed our tickets to the person doing the bracelets. She said we had to goto the Suite =. We totaly had GA if we did not show her our tickets. But any rate so we get to the Suite and the tickets don't open it so we find this customer service dude.

Well he cannot figure out what is wrong, he thinks that we forged the tickets. He takes us down to the box office to see what is up. About 5 minutes later a guy comes out saying, "I dunno what is wrong just let them into suite." like we were illegit. Pissed me off. My tickets are 100% legit and I can prove it with a phone call. Now we finally get access to the sweet. The first band played was Bad Acid Trip...that is exactly what they sounded like.

Decent band, during intermission we walked around the Pepsi Center to try and get GA with no luck. Then the next band came on, no clue who they were. I didn't care too much for them. Instead of sitting there listening to them we walked around the pepsi center 7 more times. Still no one to help us get GA. Then in the middle of our like 10th time walking around system starts to play. We sprint back to the suite and from there on we were just headbanging for the next 2 and a half hours to system.

Best concert ever. I am definately seeing them next time they come to Denver.


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