Taco Bells Crunch Wrap Supreme is Back!

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Taco Bells Crunch Wrap Supreme is Back!
by FrosT

It is not a joke this awesome meal from Taco Bell is back!!!! I just bought one and it still tastes the same! This is the best menu itme Taco Bell has ever offered!

Ending Notes
SWEET! Go buy yourself a Crunch Wrap Supreme if you have not already done so!


Posted by frost on Feb 14th, 2006 14:01 - Subscribe Bookmark and Share

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Posted by impatient1 on February 14th, 2006

I've never had a Crunch Wrap Supreme.

Posted by frost on February 14th, 2006

Well go buy one!


Posted by ringlet on February 14th, 2006

A little enthusiastic there, aren't you? lol

Posted by incognitty on February 17th, 2006

Thanks for the welcome comment on my page. I wish Taco Bell franshised where I am - unfortunately they dont!

Posted by jelzmar on February 21st, 2006

ok that was weird...i was listent to a cruch wrap commerical when i read that.

Posted by frost on February 21st, 2006

Nice =)

Posted by d1g1t4l on March 14th, 2006

I love taco bell. But I like the Chicken Casadea [sp ]WAY better. XD

Posted by anonymous on June 20th, 2006

The crunch wrap supreme is the best food on the planet im not even kidding and the person who has never had one should go die im serious

Posted by anonymous on June 20th, 2006

you should make the pirate secret

Posted by anonymous on July 13th, 2006

taco bells crunch wrap supreme is a orgsim in my mouth if it was a girl i would fuck it s hard

Posted by frost on July 13th, 2006







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