Thanksgiving Point, UT Children's Discovery Center Review

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A few weeks ago my sister and her family decided they wanted to visit Thanksgiving Point, UT with us on our way home from a family Reunion. Since we had nothing better to do and had never been to Thanksgiving Point, and of course would be in the area, we decided to tag along. Due to a mis-calculation of my Garmin GPS Unit, my family ended up being a couple hours late. So when we arrived, my sister and I decided to go to the Children Discovery Garden Center, so our little kids (around 2) could have some fun. Well the kids had fun, but to what cost?

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The Construction
I do know that construction is just a temporary deal, but it was very annoying going there, as none of the street signs matched the map provided by Thanksgiving Point. This made the stress level to just visit a place very high. Taking many wrong turns, again due to the street signs not matching up, we finally arrived at the Children Discovery Garden, and to our disappointment, it really was not worth the trip.

Not Worth the Cost
In my opinion, the Children Discovery Garden Center of Thanksgiving Point, Utah, was not worth the money. It cost us $6.00 per adult, the kids, because they were under two, were free. For $12, we got to see sub-par items. Basically it was a quick 15-30 minute stroll around the area with a ship fountain type wading area. There really was not much to see and I expected a bit more for the price. I was very disappointed and not impressed at all for the cost. I understand that items do cost money, but for the $12 with maybe 30minutes of stuff to look at, this was just a major disappointment.

Over all there was much more to Thanksgiving Point then we visited. We just visited the Children Discovery Garden Center, trying to be thrifty. Unfortunately, we felt it was not worth the money paid. If I wanted to just walk around somewhere, I could have got a nice walk around a part with a lake, for my kid to wade in, instead of paying $12 for a walk around...well not much. It really seemed more like an Outdoor lab type setup for field trips over a family garden center. Although we had a decent time, it did not feel like the cost outweighed the experience. Given so, I cannot recommend the Thanksgiving Point, UT Children Discovery Garden center, unfortunately. Please do not let this dissuade you from trying the other areas, my sister said she had fun at the dinosaur museum. If you think I am wrong, well more props to you. This was just my feelings on the exhibit and I felt it could have had more, or at least cost $1-$2 less, for what the Thanksgiving Point Children Discovery Garden Center offered.

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