Tips for Preparing for A Wedding/Marriage

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Tips for Preparing for A Wedding/Marriage
by FrosT

As most of you know I am getting Married on May 28th, 2006 to my love Lyndsey. I was thinking today about some information it would be great to pass along to other people deciding/thinking to get married to each other. Hopefully you will not make the same mistakes we made (which were few I assure you).

Saving for a Wedding
Lyndsey and I started saving for our wedding last April by creating an account and putting around $50-$200 each month into the wedding savings account. This helped tremendously! I just wish we would of started October of 2004 instead of April of 2005. That would of helped soo much. We are doing alright on money, luckily I have a credit card which limit just got bumped up. I have about $500 on it related strictly to the wedding.

If you are doing a "dream" wedding I suggest planning at least a year and a half away by starting a wedding saving's account. Put at least $50-200 in it a month from both sides. My whole philosphy is that I cannot ask someone for a lot of money when it should be my responsibility. Meaning that I would not ask her parents to fund our wedding, nor would I ask mine. I like to be independent. That and us funding our wedding ourselves gives us TOTAL control of where, what and how we want to setup our wedding.

Remember that, do not rely on your parents to fund it for you. If you do create this wedding savings account and put that much money into it, than at the end your parents end up paying for almost everything, great. You have a nice down payment for a house, or some money to use for your honeymoon. That and maybe you can get your parents a nice gift for doing this for you. Appreciative of their help and support.

Remember that your site is top priority. Without a site you cannot get married. Plan ahead as you can save yourself alot of money and hassel. We found the perfect site and moved our original date back a week and saved $1500! Although the wedding is on a Sunday on Memorial Day Weekend it was worth it to us to save $1,500.

Check out every spot before you decide. We looked at probably 12 wedding sites before we decided on Mt. Vernon Event Center, which Lyndsey and I both decided was the perfect wedding site for our marriage, which was also the cheapest wedding site out of all the ones we looked at. This process took about a month and felt good once we got the site booked. This was in August of 2005.

Tux's and Dresses
Bridesmaid dresses are very important. You want to get this out of the way about 3-6 months from the wedding. That way you are not cramming at the last minute to find someone to get 3-4 dresses to you in a week! Plus it allows time for alterations, which will most likely need to be done.

Tuxedos for the groomsmen are just as important. Lyndsey and I made the mistake of waiting a little too long. We just recently got our tux's taken care of, which leaves my groomsmen about 2 weeks to get measured, not good. I feel bad that I did not take the intiative to get the tuxedo's for our wedding done sooner. Luckily we did have some leadway with about 2-3 weeks. I would not want to make this mistake again.

Food Preperations
This is perhaps one of the biggest part of the wedding. Food is expensive and necessary for almost any wedding. We were lucky enough to have Lyndsey's cousin cater for us! Which means we got our food for free. If this would not of happened we would of been out $1,500. Try to find a cheap place that offer's decent meals and book them and get it taken care of ASAP. Without food you will have alot of grumpy guests.

The Minister
We again waited a little long to book the minister. Despite what anyone tells you, book the minister ASAP. This way they can move their schedule, if they are with a church. It also provides you with the fisrt come first serve. They cannot book 2 weddings at the same time, this way you are assured your slot for a minister at your wedding.

Ending Notes
Organization and Preperation are keys to any wedding/marriage. Do not make the same minor mistakes we made. Get on top of things to help with your fiance's frustration and your own. Planning out the wedding gives you the breathe easy feeling and that way you have time to make any changes necessary to your wedding. But remember all that really matters is the marriage to your loved one. If nothing goes as planned except the minister, than so be it. At least you can be together forever.

Also remember you can go off and get married in Las Vegas, and have a "fake" ceremony after which would be a ton cheaper =)

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Posted by Narcissa on May 02nd, 2006

Hey there
Well...I'm so happy that you're marrying the woman you love. I wish you all the best...grin.gif

Posted by anonymous on May 03rd, 2006

Thanks for sharing the info on wedding planning. I think dreaming about it and planning for it a year or so in advance as well as both people contributing financially is an awesome idea.

Again, thank you for sharing and for such good information!!

May your day be filled richly with blessings and joy!


Posted by deathcab4u on May 05th, 2006

Haha. I like your PETA best. The PETA sticker doesn't make me upset (it is clever), it's the Promote Global Warming that makes no sense??

I don't get to be married anytime soon, but still enjoyed reading about it happy.gif It seems that you have things completely under control and on your wedding day, you can devote all of your mind and heart to marrying the woman that you love and want to be with forever.

Posted by david on May 08th, 2006

Awesome tips FrosT. This will come in handy when I get married through the church in January.

Posted by anonymous on September 10th, 2008

hi!!! I realy appreciate what I'ved read to your success and good information about planning to get married.
Thanks for that great and I will apply this soon when i get married

Posted by anonymous on January 01st, 2009

Thank's for the will go a long way for my wedding in dec 09.

Posted by anonymous on February 14th, 2009

thanks for the tips, thats kind of you

Posted by anonymous on June 02nd, 2010

Thanx for sharing such great information on how to get prepared.

Wre looking forward on our wedding..

God bless!





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