Toilet Paper Dodgeball Fun

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Toilet Paper Dodgeball Fun
by FrosT

Tonight I went to church with my brother in law and we played Dodgeball. A very fun and intuitive game. Dodgeball is a fun sport to play with around 30 people, where you dodge balls, or objects that look like balls. If you do not have any dodgeballs be creative and make your own. I will tell you how to create your own dodge balls using house hold items such as Toilet Paper and Duct Tape.

The Dodge Ball Supplies
Make a stop at your local Safeway and buy about 36 toilet paper rolls to make the toilet paper dodgeballs. I say 36 toilet paper rolls so that you will have extra because you will need it. Next buy a few rolls of duct tape to help avoid a mess and make some nice throwing Toilet Paper dodgeballs. Once you have your suppliet to make the Toilet Paper Dodgeballs, it's time to get cookin'!

Making the Toilet Paper Dodge Ball
Now that we have our ingredients for the Toilet Paper Dodgeball it is time to cook up some dodgeballs. Crack open the package of toilet paper and pull them out. Make sure you have a dodgeball storing container such as a box handy to put the finished toilet paper dodgeball's in. Take a roll of a toilet paper and wrap duct tape around the toilet paper so it goes with the roll. Once you have the roll of toilet paper all covered in duct tape, go long ways with the duct tape to finish off the toilet paper dodgeball. The duct tape startegically wrapped around the toilet paper roll will make for a nice and solid toilet paper dodgeball. Repeat the above process for all 36 toilet paper rolls until you have 36 toilet paper dodgeballs.

Get Ready for Toilet Paper Dodgeball
Now you have your homemade Toilet Paper Dodgeballs. Get a group of 15-30 people together in a gym, or even outside and play some Toilet Paper Dodgeball. Do not worry about ruining the Toilet Paper dodgeballs, remember you made extra's just for this purpose. Once all is said and done you just had a load of fun playing Toilet Paper Dodgeball for roughly $20.

Ending Notes
Enjoy playing Toilet Paper Dodgeball!

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