Toledo, Ohio Neighborhood and Community Trash Problem

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Toledo, Ohio Neighborhood and Community Trash Problem
by FrosT

A fellow member of Aeonity titled Neighbor Toledo, Ohio Blog as sparked this article entry. After viewing weeks and weeks worth of posts, it seems that no one is listening. Well I am going to help the cause by summarizing everything I have read on their blog and promote the city of Toledo, Ohio to clean up an obvious trash problem.

Toledo, Ohio's Bus Stop Problem
Currently in Toledo, Ohio there are many bus stops without trash cans. In return this causes many people to just throw their trash on the ground next to the bus stops in Toledo, Ohio. What are visitors suppose to think when they are touring the city of Toledo, Ohio and see trash everywhere? A simple trash can at the bus stop would clean up the surrounding bus area dramatically and make the city of Toledo, Ohio more presentable. As stated in the Bus stop trash spot light on these stops this week, Toledo Ohio, " I have written to the Solid Waste Department about most of these sites and it is really frustrating to report them time and time again. Sure, I could just forget about it, but this is where I live…" Obviously they care about the city of Toledo, Ohio where they reside. Why is the city of Toledo, Ohio not taking any actions to help their city become cleaner?

Toledo, Ohio's Alley Way Problems
In Toledo, Ohio Alley way's are becoming filled with people's trash, which just like the bust stop issue, does not help the morale of the city of Toledo, Ohio. Without stricter rules and consequences in place people will continue to be lazy and make the city of Toledo, Ohio look like a trash dump. After reading the Toledo, Ohio Blog titled What is the use of the trash rules, In Toledo Ohio, when they are not enforced? personally I would not want to visit a city, like Toledo, Ohio, that cannot control their own trash problem. When will the city of Toledo, Ohio take the matters away from the concerned citizens and start to clean up their city?

Toledo, Ohio's Park Problems
In the Polonia Park off of Dexter in Toledo, Ohio, as reported by Neighbor of the Toledo, Ohio Blog, the park as seen in the entry titled More spotlight images of trash and alley messes in the Pride Filled City of Toledo, Ohio is obviously very trashy which in return makes members of the community not want to go outside and play with their children at the park for the fear of what they may come across. Why does the city not enforce an Anti-Littering law with a fine attached to anyone caught throwing trash? Why not provide the residents of the community of Toledo, Ohio with trash cans to help prevent such catastrophes from happening?

Ending Notes
As a final note this blog is to help a concerned community member of Toledo, Ohio, who obviously is trying as hard as they can to bring a clean city to the dirty city of Toledo, Ohio. If you are concerned about current status of the city of Toledo, Ohio, help out Neighbor of the Toledo, Ohio Blog, and write an email of concern, linking to this blog if you must, to regarding the un-clean status of the city. And ask the Mayor of Toledo, Ohio, why does he not help the community by helping making the city of Toledo, Ohio a clean and enjoyable city?

Resources - Mayor of Toledo, Ohio's Email.
Toledo, Ohio Blog

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Posted by neighbor on December 05th, 2006

Hey! Great thanks for the help.

The city is aware of the complaints as I send them e-mails week after week after week.

But the bus stops, well, like the old song goes that's just the way it is and it does not have to be that way.

With the recent snow fall the trash in the alleys will stay covered till spring and then who know.

I am still snapping images and posting and I appreciate your summarys.

All the best

Posted by anonymous on May 18th, 2007

why there are not trash cans at bus stops. The Durham Area Transit Athority doesn't have enough trash bins for all of Durhams1,500 bus stopsso they were placed at the stops with the highest use, said Pierre Owusu,a DATA senior transportation planner.Many have been stolen. "We can not keep up with the trash", he said."Even if the trash can is there, they just throw it". tHE BUS STOPS AND THE ALLEYWAYS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. Most bus stops very clean. The problem is that the people in the affected areas do not care.

Posted by anonymous on December 15th, 2007

I am doing a research on community trash cans I read your comments on citizens comments, as I read your feed back to the citizens you must not live in the city or you must stay in one of the high rise building that over look the city because you seems to not under stand what the citizen are complaining about. Trash should not be seem, I often write to my city hall and I get some results, as you write your comments to the concern people you are sounding as if you don't care because you have passed the complaint to the city. Citizens seem to have little faith in the city so don't take that little away. Help out more!!!!

Sign: President of 3 block club H.P.




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