Tv Series Become Redundant after 4th Season

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Tv Series Become Redundant after 4th season
by FrosT

Last night I was contemplating about watching Smallville, a Television series that is on their 6th season. While I was contemplating this I realized I no longer have the urge to watch Smallville anymore. Why you ask? Well read on for an in-depth explanation.

Smallville, Redundant
Smallville has become extremely redundant. Every show the same situations happen, Clark has a weird run in with Lana. Chloe magically hacks into a system and gives Clark information which ultimately leads to Clark almost dieing than magically recovering and ending up saving the day. He never fly’s although he has the ability and never does anything different. This has been happening since Season 1 of the show, with a few minor twists but nothing to keep me interested.

Basically what will end up happening is it goes on for a few more seasons slowly losing people who have lost complete interest and than ending up vanishing with it being a vague memory in people. I doubt anyone will ever want to talk about this show again, just like Louis and Clark back in 1995 (do not quote me on that year). Why do Television series have to become redundant so early in their life. Oh well I guess.

The O.C.
I watched this television series through the 4th season. Again same story redundancy is the key. It turned out to be a huge soap opera although grant it that is how the show started The O.C. became redundant around the 4th season. That is when you found out the boy Ryan from Chino was never going to be with Marissa from The O.C. who became a raging alcoholic. Seth was with Summer till he screwed it up and from there I stopped watching. Eventually Ryan would probably hook back up with Marissa just to break up again and Summer would take Seth back just so Seth or Summer could mess things up and break it off again. Seems like an endless loop to a horrible horror movie like The Ring. Can writers really not see this coming?

7th Heaven, Just Plain Sucks
I cannot think of a show that prolonged the inevitable for so long. I watched this show in the first 3 seasons before I was bored with it. After that everything just got retarded. I cannot believe they have gone on for more than 9 seasons. I honestly forgot about it after tat 3rd season until I met my wife who still watches that show. I was really amazed to find that out. I watched 1 episode with her and after the first 5 minutes realized it turned into a Soap Opera that I used to watch during the day. He was sleeping with her she’s sleeping with him but who’s sleeping with them, BS. No thank you, I hate daytime television, actually I hate television period except for NFL, which I can barely stand to watch due to commercials.

The Shield
Here was a very promising show; it had everything going for it. I have just got done seeing the 3rd season and starting the 4th there seems to be too many technicalities put into it. He knocked her up, she is screwing up the deal, she died and it’s his fault. All I want to see are the officers being bad asses and take down criminals without any fear and without any merit. But now they had to turn it into a Soap Opera also. That is the common theme with Television series after the 3rd or 4th season. Soap Opera time! I hate soap operas but every Television series I watch eventually turns into it.

24 (Twenty-Four)
24 is a great series, I do not know how they managed 4 seasons, but I hope the 4th was the last. The need to end on a good note; this dramatic Television series kept me interested with a few technicalities that helped the show move along, not killed it. However if they do venture to the 5th season I am afraid the inevitable will happen, Soap Opera mania. I hope Kiefer Sutherland, who plays Jack Bauer and the Fox Network realize this before it is too late for 24 and it goes down the tube like the other Television shows stated above.

Seinfield - Classic
Seinfield was a Television series with a unique twist on it. Do not have a point to any of the shows. With that twist there were no technicalities. Every episode was unique and was hilarious. The day Seinfield stopped airing was a sad day in-deed. A decent show that should have lived longer died. Although it died they went out with a bang and ended it uniquely also. Who would have thought that they would all end up in jail for their crimes! Seinfield is a prime example of how a show should live its life. Do not add too many technicalities and let it breathe. They eventually add too much into the show it changes the whole aspect of the series.

Cartoons Live Longer Television Lifes
Now grant it regular television shows have a lifespan of about 4 to 5 seasons. Cartoon television series, if done correctly, have a much longer life span. South Park has been going on for 10 seasons and with their newest episodes hope was brought back. Their latest involving the World of Warcraft was hilarious. Particularly to me, although I do not play WoW I do play games online and I can picture that happening in that game.

The Simpsons are going on their 17th season. They should of stopped at Season 13. That is when the Simpsons really became redundant and boring. I can actually name 2 episodes that used the same punch line to a joke. That is not right. Although I watch them every now and than and will definitely watch the new Tree House of Horror that mistake cost them a loyal viewer.

Finally the Flinstones, although I cannot recall how many seasons they went through but it was a lot. This cartoon series is still considered classic to this day and I believe is still renowned for the longest lasting cartoon series. Way to stay original Flinstones.

Ending Notes
There was never really a point to prove other than Television series become very redundant after so many seasons. The real question is why do the majority of television series end up the same in the end? I wish I had an answer but I do not. Have fun contemplating this new information!

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Posted by emo_barbie on December 20th, 2006

i miss "invarder zim" that was need to add that!!
.:*Fallen Angel aka Mallie*:.

Posted by anonymous on March 15th, 2008

ll sitsoms and drama series need tokeep to a strict formula to maintain the status quo of their original premise. if the eternaljoke of a sitcom is for someone to have an unrequited love for anothe member of the show, then the program becomes redundant if they ever successfully consumte that love. the status quo has to remain intact or the dynamic will fail.




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