Ubuntu Linux Distribution- Installation

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Ubuntu Linux Distribution- Installation
by FrosT

Linux, an open source Operating System software solution, has a newbie friendly version of Linux. Finally after waiting many years for an easy to install Linux Distribution one has arisen. Ubuntu, a completely free Linux Distribution, that has more than money on its mind. Ubuntu feels that no matter who you are you should not have to pay for an Operating System. Once I stumbled upon Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger, I could not believe what I was reading. Ubuntu is a HUGE step for Linux. Well let's find out just how Easy Ubuntu Linux Distribution is to install.

Getting Ubuntu Linux Distribution
There is more than one way to skin a cat, same goes for getting your self a copy of the latest Ubuntu Linux Distribution. There are two ways to get Ubuntu Linux Distribtuion. First you can download the CD off of one of Ubuntu's many mirrors. Second you can actually place an order for a CD at no cost, not even a shipping & handling fee! Even you dial-up users can obtain a copy of Ubuntu relatively painless just as long as you can wait a few days for the CD to come in the mail. Now that you have your copy of Ubuntu Linux Distribution, let's get Ubuntu installed!

The Installation
Put the Unbuntu Linux Distribution CD into your CD-ROM drive and reboot your computer. Next a boot screen should appear, hit ENTER unless you know what you are doing. Now the installation process begins. You should get a total of 7-10 dialog boxes and that is it. The installation will roughly take 30-60 minutes. The biggest question you will be asked while installing the Ubuntu Linux Distribution is regarding the partition/formatting of the Hard-Drive. Do this at your own RISK! Make sure your data is backed up. After that huge question is out of the way the rest of the questions are mainly "Yes", "No", "FrosT", "password", etc.

Once the initial installation of Ubuntu Linux Distribution is complete, you must remove the CD-ROM and restart your system. If you opted to do a Dual Boot, you will be prompted of which Operating System you would like to start. Start Ubuntu and let the installation continue. Once everything is automatically setup and configured you are on your way to live without Windows.

Ending Notes
I have yet to really mess around with Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger release as I am still trying to get my Dell 1370 Internal Mini-PCI Wireless card to be recognized. I will post a tutorial on how to get a Dell Inspiron 2200 1370 Internal Mini-PCI Wireless Network Controller. For now you will just have to wait, sucks huh?

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