UK Councillor Sued for EMailing Racist Cartoon

KeyWords: Councillor Sued for Racist Cartoon

UK Councillor Sued for EMailing Racist Cartoon
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Recently my blog has been getting massive hits from a story that became topic of discussion in the UK. Big thanks goes out to Tongue for linking to google which has my blog post How to Tell if there is a terrorist at the airport... as number 1! Great comic here is a reference to the story:

Councillor's email spurs race probe
Feb 3 2006

By Deborah James Daily Post Staff
Source URL: Councillors email spurs race probe

A MAJOR investigation is underway after a Merseyside councillor was accused of sending what appeared to be a racist 'joke' from her work computer.

The probe was launched after a resident complained about an email, allegedly sent by Councillor Christine O'Hare, who represents the Knowsley ward of Roby.

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Posted by anonymous on February 08th, 2006

Heh; if I were a camel, I'd be offended too.






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