UltraVNC Virtual Network Computing

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UltraVNC WinVNC Virtual Network Computing
By FrosT

Virtual Network Computing or VNC is a great tool for almost any use. Whether you want to access your home computer from work, school, when your on a business trip or even on vacation. With the use of Virtual Network Computing you to can access your home computer remotely via the internet with almost any computer out there with proper software installed. Let's get started!

UltraVNC is a popular opensource/free program that allows Virtual Network Computing from any computer with it's software installed. Along with UltraVNC there is UltraVNC Single Click, which is a light version of UltraVNC (only 200KB) that allows a user to just run the program without the hassel of installing and uninstalling from a computer that is not yours to begin with. The Single Click program does not modify the registry but only has limited functionality. UltraVNC SC is a very useful and handy tool for being on the road with your company or on vacation at a family members home with their own computer.

Running a VNC Server
UltraVNC allows a user to run a Server for their Virtual Network Computing. The VNC server runs default on Port 5900 and allows for multiple settings, such as default password, port change and different view settings a user can have. With the VNC server installed as a Windows XP Service you never have to worry about starting up UltraVNC again! Once you have your server configured you need to forward a port (if behind router/firewall) 5900 to the computer with UltraVNC. If you are on a router with multiple computers on your network, to setup a VNC server that is accesible for each computer simply change the default pport to something other than 5900 and forward the port from the router to that computer. If you need help on Port Forwarding search Google for "Port Forwarding."

Running multiple computers with UltraVNC Virtual Network Computing server installed you can access any computer on your network by UltraVNC with great color and speeds. After the UltraVNC Server is installed, setup and configured to your needs it is time to figure out the UltraVNC Viewer.

UltraVNC Viewer
The UltraVNC Viewer allows a user to remotely connect to a Virtual Networked Computer Fast and Easy. Simply get your computers IP Address (If your IP Address is not static I suggestNo-IP.com to provide you with a Static IP Address. Once you have your IP Address, simply type it into the viewer (If you changed the port from 5900 make sure you do a IP_ADDRESS::PORT to connect to that VNC Server). You will be prompted for a password, type in the default password and now you have access to your computer with UltraVNC Server installed. You can have multiple connections to different servers, if you are on a network with multiple VNC Servers this makes for a great way to tap into 5 computers at once and perform updates remotely without traveling from Computer to Computer.

Ending Notes
UltraVNC Virtual Network Computing is ideal for almost any person in almost any situation. Give UltraVNC Server and Viewer a try today and open a door to a completely new world of Virtual Network Computing brought to you by UltraVNC, free Virtual Network Computing software. I know I tried it once and I never go anywhere without making sure I can connect to my home PC Remotely by a Virtual Network Computing program such as UltraVNC.

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Posted by lost_souls on December 15th, 2005

Well, I can't go over to her house. And our relationship is wierd. We talk better and more when we're instant messaging, and not in person or on the phone...

Posted by perfect110 on December 16th, 2005

hey- i have noticed when i go to other peoples pages today it says it's my blog... like my name goes where theirs should be--- just wanted to let you know! perfect~

Posted by frost on February 06th, 2006

WinVNC is awesome. For security? lol It is used to spy on you. I am sure it would not be too hard to break into WinVNC. I would figure out a way =)


Posted by anonymous on March 20th, 2006

wuts default password.

Posted by frost on March 20th, 2006

Dunno, I change it to be something like "password"

Posted by anonymous on January 21st, 2009

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Posted by anonymous on February 02nd, 2009

you need admin permissions to change ANYTHING and +
most schools use RM TOTOR 3 so.... yeah

told tahksik lol

Posted by anonymous on October 24th, 2013

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