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I have had a pair of Under Armour boxers for a few years now. I use them exclusively for Rugby. The reasoning for this is to prevent my family jewels from popping out and to offer them some protection. If you have ever seen Rugby shorts you will understand why. Under Armour is an awesome set of clothes that are comfortable and keep you cool when you are really hot. I would never play or practice Rugby without them. If I keep up with my Rugby Team that I have recently joined I will buy a new Under Armour T-Shirt to play with to add some more protection to me.

If you have never tried Under Armour and do any type of sports I would suggest you try it. You will be amazed with the comfort and security it provides you. Under Armour...don't play Rugby without it!

Under Armour is definatley worth its weight in gold.


Posted by frost on Sep 22nd, 2005 14:13 - Subscribe Bookmark and Share

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Posted by anonymous on March 30th, 2006

Hey, I agree with you. I don't play rugby, but I know what you mean. Under Armour is great stuff, no matter if you're working out or "letting it all hang out" with your girlfriend on the couch. The material is a natural sex-magnet, I don't know, something about the feel of the material -- she can't keep her hands off my, you know.
Under Armour is amazing in so many ways. You agree?

Posted by frost on March 30th, 2006

I agree 100%. It is awesome stuff. I use it for working out to prevent chaffing and prevent people from seeing my ballz when I am doing leg stuff.

Love it.


Posted by anonymous on March 31st, 2006

Finally someone who understands!
The shorts have got to be the best. Hands down! The microfiber are great, but I highly recommend the UA team shorts and the UA Release shorts. The coaches shorts are fine too. Neither one are like basketball shorts -- where you loose your jewels in there. Enough room to work out, yet enough room -- period! Ever use the compression shorts too, to work out in? Keeps everything in place and out of harm's way, plus they're pretty sleek. Try'em if you haven't

Posted by frost on March 31st, 2006

Yea that is what I use for working out in. I hate having my balls bounce around, hurts them. But yea, glad you enjoy Under Armour.


Posted by anonymous on April 06th, 2006

have you ever worn the UA "metal" shirts? Are they really worth the $50?

Posted by anonymous on June 21st, 2006

yes the metal shirts are worth it...im 14 and have been wearing under armour since i was 10 and i have 5 "metal shirts. ther'er awesome!!!

Posted by anonymous on July 01st, 2006

God, you must be bloody wealthy if you can afford 5 of 'em. Although, I shouldn't complain -- I swear I should own stock in the company, I own so much UA

Posted by anonymous on August 27th, 2006

I like all thier stuff. And the metal shirts are worth it. Thier hooded sweatshirt is great to use when its cold out, and not too loose. I can move around when playing tennis with out feeling too baggy.

Posted by anonymous on January 29th, 2007

drop by gymskinz.com, I'll be releasing the SAME types of stuff, like heat gear, cold gear, and the UA Metal, as well as compression...

Posted by anonymous on December 06th, 2008

I Love under Armour............ I have 9 pair of pants. 6 Sweat Shirts. They are awsome. My sport is Softball and in the begging of the season its still cold out so I wear my Under Armour sweat shirt and Pants.

Posted by anonymous on September 27th, 2009

yea...ua is pretty sick..i love the fact that it doesnt stink after u use it like some other products do.

Posted by anonymous on November 23rd, 2009

Yes under armour is great im 18 ANd play seveal sports my girlfriend thinks I look hot. No lies she loves it.





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