United Men Against Rape

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So recently I was contacted by an old High School buddy. He told me about this orginization he was going to try and create. As the title states, it is a group of united men who are against rape.

I am surprised this group has not came out yet (or if it has I have failed to hear about it) I am 100% backing this project. I would even put money into it.

But from talking to him, it seems to be very legit, and if it is not maybe one of us can create it. Basically this group would strive to keep the rape percentage down to lows and hopefully one day to make it less than .01% a day. Which I doubt will happen. But it is a goal to strive for.

What this orginization would do is try to get harsher punishments for rapists. Figure out a way to be able to get more rapists convicted. It is insane how many rapists get off scott free. I would also think that we would be a place for women who have been raped who are too scared to come forward to turn to, and be protected by.

Well yea, as soon as he gets more information about the status of this organization I will keep you informed.


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Posted by anonymous on June 27th, 2007

Wow! THis is an old blog, and I just came across it. What a fabulous idea! Why should rape be a fight only women or victims pursue? I am gald that a few men are realizing that rape affects the entire comunity by affecting our mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, neighbors, friends, etc. Though I also recognize that men can be victims of rape..........it just is not as often an occurence. Did anything ever come of this?

Posted by anonymous on June 27th, 2007

Doesn't seem like it, the guy who was going to created sort of dropped the ball. Maybe one day if I have more time on my hands this would definitely be something to startup.





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