USBank: Prevent Over Drafting Charges with New Alerts

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USBank: Prevent Over Drafting Charges with New Alerts
by FrosT

Recently I was over drafting on an account due to insufficient funds. Well I was quite mad that a week later USBank finally sent me a letter stating this and was upset that they could not email. Before I went on a wild rampage on the phone with a customer service representative I decided to check USBank's website to make sure this option was not available.

New Alert Feature to USBank Online Banking
What I found was that sometime between this year and last year USBank added a great feature, without notifying you of this feature of course, that you can now get an email and even a text message upto 3 different addresses for a Negative Balance, when your Account's balance reaches a certain amount or when items have been posted or withdrawn. This new alert feature from USBank is a great and appreciate feature by me.

The Negative Balance
How USBank works is if you over draft from an account you are charged $31, plus $7 for every day after that which your USBank account is under $1. If not taken care of in 14 days you are charged another $31 fee etc. USBank does inform you via a postcard within 3-4 business days, but buy that time you are already out money and chances are you probably made more than one purchase recently. With the new feature you can prevent banks getting a ton of money from you! Here is how to set up the alert.

USBank Alert Setup
Start off login to USBank Internet Banking. Once you are in the Internet banking you should see a menu on the left hand side with a Text Link called "Alerts." When you over over this link it should take you to Security or Account. Click on Account.

Once you are here select and account to setup the alert on. Yes you can even set one up on your USBank credit cards. After you select the account, the next step is to choose the type of alert. Choose your alert and follow the instructions, enter your EMail or phone number for text messages. Once done click Save and you have succesfully helped prevent yourself from being screwed out of a lot of money by USBank.

Ending Notes
I remember seeing a TV Story on this exact topic, how banks do not offer sufficient means of notifying you when you have over drafted on your account because they like that money. Well maybe USBank listend to that article and decided they needed to try and help their customers keep their money and not lose it. Either way I am very pleased with this new Alert feature that USBank so kindly offered me.

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Posted by anonymous on June 14th, 2007

Sounds like maybe you should choose a better bank? $31, plus $7 a day for an account under $1? My bank is $25 overdraft fee, and that's all. No "too-low" fee or any other crap. At least a credit union would be a better choice.

Posted by amfanman on January 06th, 2008

I also have been recommended(multiple times) to choose a different bank(no, I haven't, yet). I've overdrawn at US Bank 2 or 3 times. It freakin' sucks! What you do is go into the bank, and give them your story, or whatever, and they *WILL* remove some of the charges. They do offer a note of caution, afterwords, though, not to overdraft again(but they are reasonable, and will remove some charges if you overdraw again--don't push it, though). I call into my account, now, a lot to make sure I don't over-draw my account. I have no idea what they offer in the way of overdraft protection/automatic transfer of funds from your savings account, etc. At the least, get an account with another bank(which I also have not done, yet), which is a good idea for *EVERYONE*, whatever your bank is(WaMu's good). I also second that credit union motion. Cheers!




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