Useful Tips Before a Hard Drive Format for New Operating System Install

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Useful Tips Before a Hard Drive Format
by FrosT


Here are some very userful tips that one would should take before they format their hard drive. For those of you who want to know I have probably formatted my hard drive about 100 times in the past 5 years, no joking. I speak from certain expierence about formating hard drives. Press the print button and keep this list handy you will need it.


First things first, prepare for the format. Gather a list of documents, pictures, files, and settings that you want to save and copy them to a thumb drive, CD, or another computer on the network before the format of your hard drive takes place. Remember most programs have setting files and if you have a program that has particular settings to your preference I would uninstall that program to see if the settings can be copied and applied in the new system or just copy the whole program to your Thumb drive before the format.

Once you have compiled a list of the programs and their settings, and all of the files you need are backed up on a thumb drive or cd, it is time to go over the formatted PC check list. There have been many times when an unpredicted issue came up with the format. Lets go over these issues.

Unpredicted Issues

Unpredicted issues will come up whether you want them to or not. This list will help keep those issues at a minimum. First of all make sure you have a good Operating System cd for the Operating System you plan to install on your formatted hard drive. Second, if that Operating System needs a CD Key make sure you have them handy. Remember you can never have too many CD Keys to try. Third, make sure you have the name of ALL your hardware. Incase the new Operating System cannot find your drivers this way you are not at a total loss. Fourth, with knowing all the names of your hardware before you format, download the drivers off of Drivers When an issue does arise with the driver for your internet connection, whoa you already have the drivers downloaded, fancy that.

Last, but not least, make sure you rented a good movie to watch. This process takes a while. A good movie will speed up the format in a sense. Finally the install of the new Operating System.

Installing the Operating System

Not all operating systems are the same. When chosing the right Operating System to install there are several factors that will come into play. First, how computer literate are you. If you know very little about computers, Linux is not for you. Second, do you own a PC or a Macintosh. The answer to this question will either limit your Operating System choices are expand them greatly. Finally, make sure your computer can handle the new Operating System being installed. If your system cannot handle the new Operating System then your computer will either be slow or you will have to re-format the hard drive again and install a different Operating System.

Ending Notes

Once your operating system is online, just simply install the drivers, software and copy the files over from your Thumb drive or CD. Then you can pat yourself on the back for not forgetting anything when formatting your Hard Drive. With these useful tips I have managed to succesfully revert my computer to exactly what it was the past 5 times formatting. When you are ready to format remember these useful tips and save yourself the frustration of losing data and settings.

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Posted by spawn2u on November 09th, 2005

On Monday, I fried my third work Laptop in about 2 months but its not my fault. They were all similiar models that apparently have a major hard drive crash after being used by me. I use a Mac at home to avoid the misery of reformatting etc. that has worked for me for a very long time.

It has taken me unitl part of today to install most of my software at work, I have a lot of complex stuff (e.g. ArcIMS, ArcGIS, SQL Server etc.....) on my machine and I am a pro at this whole thing crash burn and repair thing.

Note: USB external Drive is my best friend this week.
spawn exit

Posted by frost on November 09th, 2005

Yea USB Thumb/Jump drives are awesome. ArcGIS, that is some intense software man. Good luck with that.


Posted by anonymous on March 11th, 2006

site too mechanical not friendly at all

Posted by frost on March 11th, 2006

Sucks for you huh?


Posted by anonymous on September 08th, 2006

yes these tips are really good i appreatiate the author ....nice work

Posted by anonymous on March 25th, 2007

thanks for the tips

Posted by anonymous on June 28th, 2008

tres helpful. thanks ery much for the advice FrosT!

Posted by anonymous on July 22nd, 2008

if we format a thumbdrive too many times, will the thumbdrive be spoilt becos of that ?

Posted by anonymous on December 05th, 2008

what is a thumbdrive

Posted by johnnyboy on June 04th, 2010

Before any format you should know 3 simple basic things:
-Know your motherboard to found them if you dont have the cd's and reinstall the drivers
-And know how to follow the steps in the windows installation setup ( or any other Operating System you want to install )

Posted by anonymous on September 21st, 2010

thumbdrive is a very small drive, the size of a thumb

Julius Cesare




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