Long Live the Dentist
Date: Jul 12th, 2004 2:19:39 pm - Subscribe
Mood: pensive

Well today wa sinteresting as far as sleeping patterns go. I sort of continued the trend I set in France, only took it somewhat further. I didn't sleep at all last night, actually testing the greatness of wireless internet + bed combination. Pretty neat. Wound up listening to the radio (BBC Five Live and AFN), then got up around six, completed my reading of "Identity" by Milan Kundera, and got back to chatting.

Today was the day when me and my brother were supposed to visit the Dentist (yes, the DENTIST). so it wasn't a very pleasant morning. As tt turned out, the routine check was so routine that I haven't been in that chair for such a short time in my life. I was out of there in about three to four minutes, so it was all good.

After that, I listened to some Eels songs (from the Beautiful Freak album), and then decided that enough was enough, and went to bed. I slept for about six hours, and I'm pretty fit now.

Well I guess I'll just be doing routine stuff today. In a couple of days, the Mavs summer league teams start their games, o I'll be keeping close watch. I actually believe Dallas is one of the few teams who has two summer league teams competing at once, so that'll be fun. Go Mavs! This guy wrom Congo (who came to Dallas after playing in Belgium, by the way), has looked very solid against China, so hopefully he can take it to the rookies and free agnets that populate summer league teams as well. Dallas may finally have found its center.

I have little else to report that is of any good to the world, so I'd better just shut it and let you all continue living out your happy or not-so-happy lives. Take care y'all, hopefully I'll be back tomorrow.
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david - September 04th, 2004
Hey fullburst41 I havent heard from you on a long time. Is everything going alirhgt out there?


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