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Honesty Is Gold

Aug 23rd, 2009 8:09:34 pm - Subscribe

Honesty means speakingthe truth and being

fair and upright in act. He who lies and cheats is

dishonest.: Those who gain fortunes not by

hard labour but by other means is dishonest.
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Honesty is a good virtue. If you are honest

all the time,you’ll be trusted and respected by

others. A liar is always looked down upon and

regarded as a black sheep by the people

around. Once you lie, people will never believe

you even if you speak the truth.
However, in the tide of commodity economy

today, it seems that more and more people

believe in money at the sacrifice of honesty. To

them, among such things as health, beauty,

m6ney, intelligence, honesty, reputation and

talent, honesty is the only thing that can be

east away. They don’t understand or pretend

not to understand that honesty is the biggest

fortune humans own, and that it is the

prerequisite for doing everything well. I think

these people areto be pitied.
In short, honesty is gold. Honest, your

reputation will become great;dishonest, your

name will be spoiled and your personality

degraded. Therefore, we should never make

such an excuse as "A little dishonesty is only a

trifle thing. We should eradicate immediately

the seed of dishonesty once it is sowed in our

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No pain no gain

Aug 19th, 2009 7:36:03 pm - Subscribe

I am sure everybody has specific attribute or

quality distinguish me from anyone else. For

me, I think perseverance is my specific

attribute runescape gold
Going through my past, I could see my

perseverance was not inherited from my

parents whom obviously different from me on

this point, and I remember when I was young I

never put my heart into one thing for a long

time, today did this, tomorrow that, can’t have

got one thing satisfied, so I was the useless one

in the other’s eyes
When I was in high school, I was appointed as

the leader of sports in our class. In fact, I did

not know why I would be a leader of sports

since I did not have sports strength. At the first

year our school held an annual sports meeting,

I joined it, actually I did not want to, but no

choice, because I was a leader, and I chose the

3000m racing. Unfortunately, I won the last

one, oh, my god, my face lost up, so sorry I

felt. After that I made a resolution to practice it,

every morning at 5 o’clock, I got up to run,

just like this did it every day, no matter raining

or snowing, I never gave it up
No pain no gain! This saying was totally right. I

won the three successive championships of

3000m racing at our school sports meeting. I

was so proud of myself. And more importantly,

seeing it now is that my character had been

changed, but that time I did not realize it, just

did I knew when I chose something I would

struggle to perform it till it was accomplished.
  Now I chose to improve English, I never

worry about the result, I just knew learning a

language need a long time, so I do it everyday,

and even I would have left GLV
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The Way to Stay healthy

Aug 18th, 2009 8:04:21 pm - Subscribe

Are you healthy? Maybe most people will answer

"Yes". Then, do you know the way to stay

healthy? Maybe you have lots of ideas. But let

me tell you what I think now. runescape gold
  I think it is really very important to have a

healthy lifestyle. For example, if you are too

heavy, you should often exercise. And you

should eat a balanced diet. You should eat lots of

healthy food, like fruit and vegetables. An apple a

day keeps a doctor away. Eating apples and

other fruit or vegetables can help you to keep

healthy. Of course, you should eat meat, too.

But you shouldn''t eat too much meat. It was

very bad for your health. People who are too

stressed out. They should listen to music. It is

very relaxing. And shopping is also a good idea.

And you should believe yourself. And I think if

you can''t sleep well. Listening to music is also

good for you. You should go to bed on time and

you shouldn''t think too many things before you

go to sleep. Are you good at English? If your

answer is" Yes", I''m glad to hear that. But if your

answer is "No". Don''t worry. You should learn

English hard. You should often read English

books and speak English with your friends, too. I

believe your English will be better soon.
  Everyone wants to be healthy, because

good health is over wealth. And It''s easy to have

a healthy lifestyle. I hope everybody can keep

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Are you stressed out

Aug 17th, 2009 6:08:09 pm - Subscribe

Everybody is stressed out sometimes. When

you are stressed out, you shouldn''t do

anything, runescape money and you

may have too much yin. You should eat hot

yang foods, like mutton. Eating Dangshen and

Huangqi herbs is also good for this. You should

lie down and have a rest, and maybe you''ll feel

better soon. Don''t be stressed out! Because

it''s bad for your health. If you want to stay

healthy, you must often keep a happy mood.

Of course, eating vegetables and other healthy

foods is also very good for your health. You

shouldn''t study or work when you are

stressed out.
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The late love letter

Aug 15th, 2009 7:32:33 pm - Subscribe

I was always a little in awe of Great-aunt Stephina

Roos. Indeed, as children we were all frankly terrified

of her. The fact that she did not live with the family,

preferring her tiny cottage and solitude to the

comfortable but rather noisy household where we

were brought up-added to the respectful fear in

which she was held. runescape gold
We used to take it in turn to carry small delicacies

which my mother had made down from the big

house to the little cottage where Aunt Stephia and

an old colored maid spent their days. Old Tnate

Sanna would open the door to the rather frightened

little messenger and would usher him-or her - into

the dark voor-kamer, where the shutters were

always closed to keep out the heat and the flies.

There we would wait, in trembling but not altogether

She was a tiny little woman to inspire so much

veneration. She was always dressed in black, and

her dark clothes melted into the shadows of the

voor-kamer and made her look smaller than ever.

But you felt. The moment she entered. That

something vital and strong and somehow

indestructible had come in with her, although she

moved slowly, and her voice was sweet and soft.
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