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The smile

Aug 25th, 2009 5:54:34 pm - Subscribe

“I was sure that I was to bekilled.I became

terribly nervous. I fumbled in mypockets

to runescape gold see if there were

any cigarettes which had escaped their search

.I foundone and because of my shaking

hands,Icould barelyget it to my lips.But

Ihad nomatches,they had taken those.I

looked throughthe bars at my jailer.He did

not make eye contact with me.I called out to

him,‘Have you got alight?’He looked at me

,shrugged and came over to light my

cigarette.As he came close and lit thematch

,his eyes inadvertently②locked with mine.

At that moment,Ismiled.Idon''t knowwhy

Ididthat.Perhaps it was nervousness,

perhaps it wasbecause,when you get very

close,oneto another,it is very hard not to

smile.In anycase,Ismiled.In that instant,it

was as though a sparkjumped across the gap

between our twohearts,ourtwo human souls

.Iknow he didn''twantto,butmy smile leaped

through the bars and generated asmile on his

lips,too.He lit my cigarette butstayednear,

looking at me directly in the eyes and

continuing to smile”
I kept smiling at him,now aware of himas

aperson and not just a jailer.And the way he

waslooking at me seemed to have a new

dimension too.‘Do you have kids?’he asked

.‘Yes,here,here.’I took out my wallet and

nervously fumbled for thepictures of my family

.He,too,took out the picturesof his family

and began to talk about his plans and hopes

for them.My eyes filled with tears.Isaid thatI

feared that I''d never see my family again,

neverhave the chance to see them grow up.

Tears came tohis eyes,too.Suddenly,

without another word,heunlocked my cell

and silently led me out.Out of thejail,quietly

and by back routes,outof the town.There

,at the edge of town,he released me.

Andwithout another word,he turned

backtoward thetown.
“My life was saved by a smile.”
Yes,the smile is the unaffected,unplanned,

natural connection between people.I really

believethat if that part of youand that part of

me couldrecognize each other,we wouldn''t

be enemies.We wouldn''t havehate or envy

or fear
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