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The world was too small

Aug 24th, 2009 6:46:35 pm - Subscribe

Most of us have had an experience which

reminds us the world is getting smaller. Perhaps

when you went to some place far away from

the city you live in and thought you knew

nobody there, you were surprised to find that

you ran into one of your old classmates on the

street! Then both of you cried out, “What a

small world!” runescape gold
   Why is the world getting smaller and

smaller? For one thing, modern technology has

created various means of transportation. And

they are more and more available. Buses,

trains, planes and taxis are found in most cities

of the world. They carry goods and passengers

to and from every corner of the world. For

another thing, with the development of

modern society, people are in contact with one

another more frequently. Everyday we must

deal with a lot of people unknown to us before.

The more advanced a society, the more

contacts we make with others.
So we can draw the conclusion that as long as

technology makes progress, the world will grow

smaller and smaller
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