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Hey hottie!!

I know you are probably reading this right now so I thought I would let you know I started this blog just for you!! I want to write about us and make sure you know how perfect you are and I want everyone else to be able to read about us and what love should really be like!! Maybe then they would get some insight into their own pointless little lives!! I love you so much!!

Anyway to start off with to any one of my friends who might read this, I just want to say that Gary Sparks is the most amazing man you will ever meet and he really knows how to treat a woman the way she wants and needs to be treated!! This amazing man who happens to be mine by the way so all the rest of you need to back off really knows what he's doing in the love department!!

Speaking of really knowing what he's doing he is also sweet enough to have given me an engagement ring which I never take off!! It's the most beautiful thing I have ever saw but I can understand why!! He put alot of thought into how he was going to handle this situation and he let me pick it myself after sweeping his hand across the counter and announcing to me that I could have my pick of any of them!! I just wanted to hit the floor right then and there!! I couldn't believe it!! Here is this amazing guy who I thought couldn't possibly get any more amazing giving me my heart's pick of any ring there!! It had to be resized to a 4 but he handed the money over right on the spot and told them to take care of it. They said it would be back in 4-6 weeks but I got it back like 1 or 2 weeks after!! Geez was I surprised!! My Mom loves it too!! She said he couldn't have had a better idea!! She said it is perfect and I couldn't agree with her more!!

We were supposed to be getting married in November but with his job messing up on him because of his hours being cut we don't know but we are hoping it won't take too long!! I don't care though because I would wait for him forever!! After all I waited a whole year before he came back in my life so why not a few more months for him to marry me?! It won't hurt me any although it might drive me completely crazy!!

That's another thing!! I have to watch it with this I and me stuff!! I always feel like I talk too much about myself and not enough about him!! He is the perfect angel of a man and more time should be spent talking about how perfect he is not about my crazy antics!!

You know what is weird?! You can tell we are in love because I still get nervous as when I first started dating him!! My stomach still ties up in knots if I think I've made him mad!! I mean you would think I would be like other girls and be all mean and stuff now but I just can't be like that!! He is too perfect for that!!

This must already be a 100 word entry but I don't care!! I could go on and on about Gary and his parents know I have many times!! Sorry guys and girls but I can't help it!! You try being engaged to a guy who is your entire life!! Who comprises who you are and then see how you fair out!!

You could not even begin to imagine everything I feel for him!! I would gladly die for him!! I love him so much!! That will never change!!

Another thing I love about him is the fact that he makes me smile when I'm feeling really down!! I could be crying about how stupid my Mom and Grandparents can be sometimes and he can say two words or give me this really cute "howdy" and I burst out laughing!! He is totally perfect!!

I guess before I totally go overboard on this entry I better go!! I just wanted to write a few lines to show you how much I love my perfect man!!

Gary Sparks, I love you more than my own life!! I love you so much!!

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garysgurl The Perfect Man That's What I've Got Sep 14th, 2006 6:41:07 pm - Subscribe

I just got off the phone with Gary and God is he ever amazing!! As par usual I was feeling like shit because of things here and there and he cheered me right up!! He is majorly good at that!!

Although I did want to kill him, he pranked me and made me think I said something wrong when I didn't and after that he is like gotcha!! Oh my God!! I can't believe what I did next though!! I called him a prick!! That was so stupid!! Right after that I got really red in the face but he just burst out laughing and HE HAD TO TELL MY MOM!! Talk about getting ready to kill him!!

He decided to keep his job for now although he did put his application in somewhere else but I won't say where just in case any of his friends are reading this!! I hope he keeps the job he has now though personally cause this other job sounds like it would be hell on the lungs and the job he has now is cool!! If all goes well with it we will be married by November THANK GOD!! I am so ready to marry him it ain't funny!! That boy is so incredible and I can't wait to wake up next to him each morning!! I just hope I wake up pregnant because he is wanting a baby!!

I guess that's it for now!! As soon as I figure out how to get this piece of crap computer to upload pics from the CD drive that is on the crapper I'll hopefully have pics of the two of us!! I so can't wait!!

He kicks some serious ass and as soon as the pics are up you'll see why!! Not only is he super sweet but he is a huge hottie with a body!!

I love you with all my heart Gary Sparks and that won't ever change!! I love you so much!!

garysgurl Another Day Spent Talking To My Perfect Man!! Sep 16th, 2006 1:28:08 am - Subscribe

This morning woke up feeling sick to my stomach but I didn't throw up even though I felt like it!! Gee I wonder what that would be about!!

Anyway I had tons of nightmares last night and today!! I hate it when I get those because they seem so real at the time but my baby always sets me straight that they are nothing more than nightmares!! Gary is super sweet!! I love him so much!!

There are times I'm sure he would like to shoot me because I know he sometimes feels like I'm doubting him but I'm not!! I'm just freaking out so much because he is so perfect and I'm not used to things going this great in my life!! I'm just like waiting for something to go wrong because life is so awesome!! According to Gary though it won't and I'm thanking God for that!! I couldn't take it if anything went wrong between us!! He is everything to me!! He is what my life is made of!! Gary is what makes life worth living every day!! Gary is who keeps me sane when I feel like things are going crazy at once!! He says he is ready for a baby and I see why!! He is a stable family man!! He will be the one that always keep our family up and running the way it should be!! Mind you I will try hard to do the same but he will be the go to person when there is a problem because he is right about everything!!

Trust me on this one!! There has never been a thing that he hasn't been right about!! He told me that things would be fine between us!! He was right!! He told me and promised me that he would get me an engagement ring!! He was right!! He told me that he would get a job to support us!! He was right!! He told me that he would always be there for me!! He is right!! I trust him on everything because he is right all the time!!

That is why I trust him so much that I want to have a baby with him!! Because I trust him, I know he would never steer me wrong, and I love him!!

I just gave him the address to this site tonight!! He was asking about it when he called me earlier tonight so I figured I'd better just send it to him now instead of waiting around!! I had intended to revamp the layout to the site but I could mess the site up so I figured just leave it the way it is and tell him!!

I guess that's it for now!! Before I make this a 10 pager I'd better get going!!

I love you Gary Sparks!! That will never change!! You are everything to me!! I love you so much!!

garysgurl Waiting on Mr. Perfect To Call Sep 16th, 2006 1:33:57 pm - Subscribe
Hey hey!! I'm just sitting here waiting on Mr. Perfect to call!! I have a long wait though!! He started work at 11 this morning but doesn't get off work untill 11 tonight!! On top of that he's sick so he might not feel like talking but I'm hoping he does cause hearing his voice always makes me feel better and gives my day cheer!!

Gary is so amazing but last night I thought I was going to ring his neck!! I have a problem with always freaking out about nightmares and I told him about some that I was having about him cheating on me and instead of comforting me as I expected he would do he tried the scare tactic on me and told me "oh what you mean the blonde?!"!! I COULD HAVE SHOT HIM!! How could he do that to me?! Oh well!! His turn is coming!! He'll just have to wait and see!!

Our call went really great though!! Even though he was sick and didn't feel much like talking he hung in there for as long as he could without falling asleep to make me feel better about everything!! It worked!! He is so perfect!! I love him so much!!

I guess I better get going!! This was just a short entry to worship the ground he walks on!!

I love you Gary Sparks!! That won't ever change!! You are the most perfect man ever!! I love you so much!!

garysgurl Perfect Call From The Perfect Guy Sep 17th, 2006 12:34:01 am - Subscribe
Gary called me earlier than expected tonight!! That is awesome!! He got off of work earlier than expected which is great because he is sick and didn't feel like working all those hours anyway!! He has all kinds of stuff going on!!

I told him Orange Juice would be the best way to go on it and he seems to think so too!! The harder problem getting it to him!! He doesn't have any right now and his Dad is going to some big thing tomorrow and probably won't be stopping at the store untill tomorrow night so I'm going to see if I can talk my Mom into letting me drop some by and see him for a little bit if I can!!

I'm praying that I get the chance to do this cause this is the first thing that he's ever asked of me!! I don't want to let him down on the very first thing he has ever asked me to do for him like this!! So please God if the rest of my day has to suck please let this one thing go right!!

I know it seems like I'm making a big deal out of a simple something but Gary is my life and I'll do anything to make sure he stays healthy and with me forever and always!!

As for the phone call itself it went great!! We talked forever!! What was really sweet was he made me promise him that I would take some medicine for my female problem and get some sleep!! He told me if I didn't sleep he wasn't going to sleep either!! So of course rather than make him any sicker I promised him I would!! I asked him why he did this and he said it is because he cares about me and he loves me!! Right there clinched the match for me!! Tears hit my eyes and I couldn't help but say yes!! That man is so sweet!!

As it sounds he is majorly wanting to marry me but is majorly wanting a baby too!! I hope I am able to give him all that he wants because he deserves it!!

I guess that's it for now!! Gary if you are reading this I will try to get your Orange Juice to you tomorrow!! I don't know if they will let me which would be really stupid if they didn't but I will try!! I love you so much!!

I love you tons more Gary Sparks!!